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Evolve is a shooter , or FPS , but focused entirely on online cooperative action. Evolve mechanics is based on the cooperative action of several players against a common enemy, also controlled by a player, and that we must kill . It is therefore a multiplayer shooter 4vs1 with two ways: play as a hunter, where most of the players will be grouped , armed to the teeth and with different classes and roles to choose, from trapper to healer, etc ... on the other side is the beast that hunters should hunt , and although it seems that it can be at a disadvantage , the truth is that the skills that we have available , playing as the animal, will shake any hunter . As hunters we use all our resources and we play as a team to get bring down the beast, and the beast as we will cause terror in hunting groups that are not well organized.

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MONSTER HUNTING TIME! | Evolve Stage 2 #21 Hunter Gameplay ft. Cartoonz, Delirious, Gorilla

SLOW AND PAINFUL CHALLENGE!! Evolve Gameplay Walkthrough Stage 2 (PC 1080p 60fps)

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