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Evolve Hunting Season 2
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Description & requirements

Evolve Hunting Season 2 is the second Season Pass for the game Evolve, with direct digital download from the Steam platform. To activate the download, you must add the cd key for Evolve Hunting Season 2, that you will receive by email, into your Steam account. Evolve Hunting Season 2 is the second season pass for Evolve game, and grant us access to 4 new hunters (Assault, trapper, Medical and support), 1 new monster, and five skins exclusive (1 for each character). One of the first characters to be unlocked will be Lennox, Assault class character. The rest of the content will be unlocked during the month of March 2016. Evolve is a multiplayer team game where a group of hunters will face a huge monster with unique abilities, and where cooperation between the players is vital to kill these titans. Remember that all stores have been verified by our team and are 100% reliable, but we recommend carefully read the specifications of each product in each store to learn more about shipping times, payment methods and versions.

Comments and reviews

A 1 vs All game. A team of 4 hunters are after a giant monster.

In the beginning of the game, it's alright, the monster is running away from you, since he is still "small" and "defenseless" against 4 hunters. But if one of you (especially the medic) is always going solo and ends up dead, the monster will have a nice game.
The monster has multiple stages of evolution, despise the hunters tracking him down through radar or animals, it's likely he will evolve up to his final stage. This is when the monster is the strongest and will go for an objective on the map to destroy it. The hunters will have to use all their abilities and weaponry, revive a lot and protect their medic, otherwise the monster will succeed.

Feel like a hunter, chase your prey, shit your pants, use jetpacks, build turrets, be afraid... then play monster and realize you had a shitty team.
Redo again and again.

3/5 Enjoyable for a while :)

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