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Eve Online Starter Pack Amarr Bounty Hunter (PC) Key

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EVE Online is a MMORPG spacecraft highly successful worldwide. It is now possible to conquer the galaxy in EVE Online as quickly and safely with this Starter Pack. It contains a complete set of equipment for beginners and will allow us to launch our galactic career. Each Starter Pack includes a spacecraft fully equipped with all necessary weapons, modules and skillbooks to take action more quickly. In addition, the Starter Pack provide 30 days of game time and a prototype cerebral accelerator, allowing us to take full advantage of our early days in this huge and fantastic universe. The Starter Pack includes an activation code that can be used to create a new account or upgrade trial accounts, so it can not be applied to existing subscriptions. The Starter Pack Amarr Bounty Hunter includes: A frigate Executioner, an array of three laser pulse Gatling guns, loaded with ammunition, a complete set of parts to equip our frigate and a dozen skillbooks for improvement. It also includes a cerebral accelerator and 30 days of play.