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Eidolon is a game of exploration of a territory in which 2,400 years ago was one of the most stunning cities on earth, where now there are only rubble and collapsed buildings. We are in a mysterious landscape filled with ancient stories to discover, stories of people who lived there in a past era. It is a game about history, trivia and interconnection between characters, that placed us in a distant future where there are only ruins. But as gone all traces of human life, now what was once the city of Washington, now is full of wildlife, edible plants, and garbage as magazines, books, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, transcripts and more. Our mission is to collect these memories and reconstruct what happened to these people

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Warframe Plains of Eidolon: bounties, fishing, mining, and hunting for Eidolons

Warframe s Plains of Eidolon update was one of the biggest and most ambitious updates to the free-to-play shooter since its inception The first open-world area in a game otherwise entirely populated by procedurally generated levels it s a massive experiment for developer Digital Extremes The Plains introduced two new types of resources Fishing and Mining resources Each are obtained by you guessed it fishing or mining and are used to build items that were introduced in the same update as the Plains So there s a lot of stuff to do in the Plains And in typical Warframe fashion…

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Warframe Dev Answers 5 Questions About Its Newest Eidolon Update

As sure as the hands on a clock tick forward Warframe is getting another major update This one is called Shrine of the Eidolon and builds upon the open-world Plains of Eidolon area added late last year The biggest additions literally are two new hulking Eidolon to hunt down the Gantulyst and the Hydrolyst Both are larger and more difficult to take down than the original Teralyst which was already a hefty challenge A vehicle called the Dargyn is also being added to the plains which you can hijack from enemy Grineer and fly around on It s new ground…

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Warframe's Free Open-World Update, Plains Of Eidolon, Releases Soon On PS4/Xbox One

Warframe's developer shook up the PC game considerably when they introduced its free expansion Plains of Eidolon last month introducing open-world gameplay to the space action-RPG Now it's revealed the release date for the PlayStation and Xbox One versions of the expansion too Warframe Plains of Eidolon will release on the consoles on November Players will be able to download and play the expansion for free starting then Plains of Eidolon has been out for about a month on PC and is available as a free download on the game's website The expansion adds Landscape an open-world area where up…

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Warframe: Plains of Eidolon doesn’t fix the game’s problems

I played a little bit of Warframe official site a long time ago when it was in a much more limited form I quickly bounced off it Several years of updates later at first glance Warframe looks like a very different beast I jumped back in for the Plains of Eidolon expansion which adds an open-world zone for players to fly shoot fish and mine their way around It s a major divergence from the corridor brawls the game has offered up to this point but it s not an escape from the relentless grind more…

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Warframe arrives on the open-world Plains of Eidolon

I remain delighted that a sci-fi game looking like Warframe official site has become so popular In a genre dominated by robots and spacemen Warframe stars pearlescent crustaceanfolk fighting bulging turgid baddies who remind me of sea cucumbers It is a strong look This style continues in the free-to-play action-RPG s latest expansion Plains of Eidolon which developers Digital Extremes launched overnight It adds an open-world zone where after dark the ghosts of giant meatbots rise from the water to wander That s the sort of sci-fi I want Ta Warframe more…

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Warframe’s open-world Plains of Eidolon out next week

The Plains of Eidolon expansion for Warframe official site will launch on PC next week developers Digital Extremes announced today taking the fine free-to-play action-RPG from the confines of dungeons and missions into a new open-world zone The Plains are big land to explore and fly over if you want with baddies to fight and fishing to do They follow a day night cycle too with dreadful beasties and ghosties the eponymous Eidolons from an ancient war awakening once the sun goes down Hey no one said the outside world was safe more…

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Let's Play Eidolon - 01 - Like Proteus but with Gameplay

Eidolon - Gameplay

Eidolon Gameplay (PC HD)

Eidolon Gameplay