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Dying Light is a first-person action and survival horror game, set in a vast and dangerous open world. During the day, players are an expansive urban environment invaded by a virulent outbreak that has swept the world of life, and in which we ensure supplies and crafting weapons to defend against the growing infected population. At night, the hunter becomes the prey, since infected become very aggressive and more dangerous than ever. We will use everything in our power to survive until the first light of morning. Not surprisingly, the creators of Dying Light are the same as the acclaimed kills zombies Dead Island, so the action and gore are more secured in this new title of the zombie genre.

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news & articles

Premature Evaluation – Dying Light: Bad Blood

Premature Evaluation is the weekly column in which we explore the wilds of early access This week Fraser s racing towards choppers and being very unsportsmanlike in Techland s undead battle royale spin-off Dying Light Bad Blood Developer TechlandPublisher Techland Publishing Release Out now On WindowsFrom Steam and HumbleFor The sound of an explosion and a huge burst of flame sends me sprinting for cover The attack wasn t directed at me it turns out One of my fellow survivors had walked into a hive of zombies and he was chargrilling them I stay hidden behind a van and watch…

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Competitive zombie hunt Dying Light: Bad Blood drop-kicks into early access

Dying Light Bad Blood is an odd beast a volatile mutation split from Techland s excellent zombie survival sandbox Dying Light Twelve players roam the infested city of Harran hunting for blood samples from pulsating zombie hives Whoever fills up first gets a ride out of town Competitive aspect and cringeworthy brutal royale designation aside it looks very much like Dying Light with familiar environments enemies and weaponry A curious choice for a spinoff Bad Blood will be free-to-play later but early access costs money Below a parkour-heavy launch trailer more…

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Dying Light's Battle Royale-Style Mode, Bad Blood, Out Now On PC

Dying Light's battle royale-style mode Bad Blood is now available on PC The standalone brutal royale game as developer Techland bills it has launched on Steam Early Access and you can jump in now by purchasing the Founder's Pack Along with access to the game the Founder's Pack includes a handful of exclusive content such as three Legendary weapon skins one Legendary mask and Blood Bucks--Bad Blood's in-game currency The pack also comes with the Founder's Pass which will grant players three exclusive Legendary skins over the next three months Unlike a typical battle royale game Dying Light Bad Blood…

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Dying Light: Bad Blood: what happens when battle royale meets parkour and zombies?

A battle royale game with only players How is that going to work We recently had the opportunity to go hands-on with Dying Light Bad Blood - Techland's answer to that very question and came away really impressed While the sheer size and scope of the concept is miniaturised somewhat the action is no less thrilling - in fact the close-quarters intimacy of the encounters paired with Dying Light's parkour traversal system makes for a unique take on the battle royale concept As it's based on an existing game a lot of Dying Light's fixtures and fittings are transplanted over…

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Dying Light: Bad Blood starts battling royale in September

Take twelve people who are good at jumping drop them into a zombie-infested city and turn them loose to loot level up and murder each other until one emerges triumphant That s Dying Light Bad Blood an upcoming multiplayer standalone spin-off from Techland s parkour-o-zombsmashing shooter series Y know it s a Battle Royale Hunger Games-ish doodad as is the style of the time But on a smaller scale and with lots of NPC zombies to murder too Techland today announced that Bad Blood will enter paid early access in September then properly launch as a free-to-play game after a…

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Dying Light: Bad Blood’s ‘brutal royale’ hits Early Access in September

Techland s take on battle royale features survivors trying to get to the chopper Continue reading…

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trailers & gameplays

Dying Light - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Good Night, Good Luck! (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

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Dying Light Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Awakening - Campaign Mission 1 (PS4 Xbox One)

Dying Light - Gameplay Walkthrough