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Dying Light, from the creators of Dead Island franchise, is a title set in a vast and dangerous open world and it´s a first-person action game with characteristic touches of survival horror. Players will experience the cycles of day and night like any other game, because during the day we will explore the huge urban environment trying to secure supply lines and finding components for crafting weapons to defend against the growing population infected that appears at night time, when we become prey, since infected become very aggressive and more dangerous than ever. We will use everything in our power to survive until the first light of morning. The action and gore are more secured in this new title of the zombie genre.

Comments and reviews

Best zombie game of all the zombie games a little bit buggy but still the best game i've ever played big map,long quests and more stuff they even update it even though there's a new sequel of it coming up

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news & articles

Left 4 Dead Is Back With A Dying Light Crossover Event

It's been years since Left Dead was released and no your eyes are not deceiving you Ten Feel old yet Despite it being a decade since Ellis Coach Nick and Rochelle carved a path through the zombie hordes--and Valve's aversion to the number three--Dying Light developer Techland is still carrying the Left Dead torch with an upcoming crossover event Dying Light is almost five years old itself but Techland continues to support the first-person parkour-infused zombie slayer even with Dying Light on the horizon After a recent Deadeye's Promise event the Polish developer hinted at a Left Dead crossover in…

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Need For Speed Heat Feels Like the Dying Light of Racing Games

Every time a new Need For Speed game comes along I eagerly await to see what the new hook if I m being positive or gimmick if I m leaning negative is this time For s Need For Speed Payback that was action driving which initially felt promising but ultimately failed to deliver Thankfully this year s Need for Speed Heat feels different I m happy to report that after five hours of hands-on time the game s 'hook' of day-night switching not only feels refreshing but also an interesting direction for the series When I sampled Need For Speed…

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Dying Light 2 Has Over 100 Hours Of Content, Dev Says

After Microsoft announced a delay during E developer Techland has opened up about Dying Light It seems the open-world action-RPG will reportedly feature over hours of content but the main storyline can be completed in - hours Prankster asked lead designer Tymon Smektala how long it would take to finish Dying Light Though Smektala said the story quests could be completed in - hours he confirmed that it is very hard to measure in an open-world game because of the things that happen between points A and points B of a quest Despite the relatively short length of the game's…

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Dying Light 2's World Is Four Times Bigger Than Previous Game

Dying Light took place in the fictional Middle-Eastern city of Harran The sun-soaked streets and dilapidated buildings made up a sprawling playground that was split into two distinct zones Since using parkour to get around by climbing jumping--and generally doing anything to avoid the zombie hordes--was the only form of traversal the city felt a lot bigger than it actually was In Dying Light the sequel's fictional European metropolis is four times larger than all of the maps in its predecessor combined--including The Following DLC's expansive farmland We are witnessing a lot of changes in the technology side said Pawel…

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Watch 30 dam impressive minutes of Dying Light 2

Rage rage against the delaying of the light I ve wanted to write that ever since Dying Light was announced but developers Techland seem stubbornly on track to zombify early Look here s thirty minutes from a middley point in the game replete with grappling hooks and parkour and decisions It s the same thirty minutes I already saw and liked at E more…

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Watch Dying Light 2’s full E3 demo, plus developer commentary

Techland Highlights include improved combat and parkour elements as well as a dynamic mission hub Continue reading…

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trailers & gameplays

Dying Light - Hyper Mode - Super Zombie Destruction - Funny & Brutal Gameplay - PC

DYING LIGHT 2 - Gameplay Demo Walkthrough [OPEN WORLD ZOMBIE GAME 2020]


Dying Light 2 - Gameplay Trailer | PS4