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Dying Light, from the creators of Dead Island franchise, is a title set in a vast and dangerous open world and it´s a first-person action game with characteristic touches of survival horror. Players will experience the cycles of day and night like any other game, because during the day we will explore the huge urban environment trying to secure supply lines and finding components for crafting weapons to defend against the growing population infected that appears at night time, when we become prey, since infected become very aggressive and more dangerous than ever. We will use everything in our power to survive until the first light of morning. The action and gore are more secured in this new title of the zombie genre.

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news & articles

Dying Light Developer Launches Its Own Online Game Store

Dying Light developer Techland has launched its own online storefront called Gemly In addition to selling a wide selection of games Techland is using Gemly to distribute exclusive content for its own games The first piece is a Harran Military Rifle for Dying Light which is available to claim for free as either a Steam or GOG DLC code As part of Gemly s launch there are a couple of sweet deals you may want to take a look at on the site To name a couple Techland s own Dying Light The Following - Enhanced Edition is off while…

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Dying Light dev Techland launches its own online game store

Gemly is a new digital distribution platform for PC games Continue reading…

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Dying Light Receives Free DLC On PC Today; Here's What It Adds

Developer Techland recently announced that its zombie action game Dying Light is getting a ton of free DLC in the next months To kick things off it has just released a free content pack on PC that includes new enemies a weapon and more Called Content Drop it's meant to be a lead-in to the frequent DLC drops starting in September Its most significant additions are a new faction of soldiers and a new type of enemy According to a press release the soldiers are set to cause havoc in the Old Town while the zombie is referred to as…

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Dying Light to Receive 10 Free DLC Drops in the Next Year

Techland has announced Dying Light will be getting pieces of original new content during the next months All the DLC will be free across all platforms and will include new enemies new events new mysteries and more A new enemy content drop will be coming soon as a tiny taste of what's to come Dying Light released in early but the developer says the game still has average weekly players Techland previously said it would be supporting the game until the end of but that has clearly been extended even further Continue reading…

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A Year's Worth Of Free DLC Coming To Dying Light

Despite releasing almost three years ago Dying Light continues to have a very active user base with roughly half a million players still playing the survival horror game weekly With so many players engaged with the title developer Techland has announced it plans to continue supporting the game with a year's worth of DLC Techland will release pieces of DLC for Dying Light over the course of the next months These expansions will include new enemies more in-game events new locations to explore and much much more This additional content will be offered for free across all of the game's…

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Undead! Dying Light getting a year of free DLC

Though parkouring zombie-stabber Dying Light came out a good two years ago developers Techland this week announced that they ll release ten free DLC packs content updates over the next year How nice Dying Light is still pretty popular see with its peak concurrent player count over today on Steam alone So Techland are working on new enemies areas and other odds and ends to add for free visit site to read more…

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Dying Light - Gameplay Walkthrough