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Step into the mind of Howard Phillips, a young man who has developed an obsession with its dreams. Explore unique worlds filled with puzzles, secrets and horrors and tries to find meaning in the life of Howard. This is an adventure game with multiple endings depending on the choices you make. Dream presents a story divided into three acts with multiple paths and end completely determined by the way we explore and move between dreams. Every act plunge you into new worlds that help decipher the past, emotions and ambitions of Howard. Through dreams and nightmares Howard chance to shape their future.

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Dreamy flying game InnerSpace is Abzu’s awkward cousin

There are two games in recent memory which left me with an immediate thirst for more Not in terms of story answers or glitzier sequels it was simply that I wanted more of the same experience I d play a second Inside in a heartbeat just more strings of strange and blackly comic scenes with well-judged lethal puzzling And I d leap at the chance to swim in more of Abzu s gorgeous oceans fish-watching anew In lieu of that InnerSpace looked like the next best thing flying a spectral plane over land and undersea gawping at fantasy fishies revelling…

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Electric Dreams: 'Autofac' Explores the Dark Side of Robotics

Philip K Dick s short story Autofac envisioned a post-apocalyptic world where the surviving humans are supplied their goods by a robotic system that cares nothing for the planet overall and simply creates and distributes in a manner that leaves humans with no ability to provide for themselves Autofac is now one of the episodes of Philip K Dick s Electric Dreams Amazon's new anthology series based on the stories of the prolific writer whose work has previously been adapted into projects like Blade Runner Total Recall Minority Report and The Man in the High Castle Written by Travis Beacham…

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Grappling hook platformer Remnants of Naezith looks like a speedrunner’s fever dream

Why did the mountain climber quit his job and become a wrestler Because he was grappling hooked Hello and welcome to another day of awfulness I m Brendan and today we will be alleviating the weight of existence with news that Remnants of Naezith a grappling hook platformer that looks hard as a Blackpool rock will be coming out on February It also looks like a speedrunner s dream Come see more…

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How Amazon Made Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams a Reality

Hollywood has long looked to the imagination of Philip K Dick for inspiration with the late writer s work serving as the basis for Blade Runner Total Recall Minority Report The Man in the High Castle and much more Now the science fiction mastermind s stories are front and center in a new anthology series Philip K Dick s Electric Dreams currently streaming on Amazon following its premiere in the UK this past September The show s notable executive producers include Ronald D Moore Bryan Cranston and Philip K Dick s daughter Isa Dick Hackett with episodes featuring Cranston Vera…

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Quantic Dream: Former Employees Attack Studio Culture

Quantic Dream has come under fire this weekend after reports from three separate French outlets made accusations of inappropriate behaviour overworked staff and a schoolboy culture that allows for racism sexism and homophobia - Quantic Dream has since refuted the allegations Le Monde Canard PC and Mediapart have all published reports on the behaviour at the studio behind Heavy Rain Beyond Two Souls and Detroit Become Human Continue reading…

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PS4 Studio Quantic Dream Denies Allegations Of Poor Studio Culture And Harassment

Quantic Dream the French studio headed by David Cage and responsible for games like Heavy Rain Beyond Two Souls and the upcoming Detroit Become Human has found itself in the middle of controversy over claims that it has an unhealthy working culture Reports published in French media today translated and reported on by Eurogamer accuse Quantic Dream and co-founders Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumiere of acting inappropriately Cage and de Fondaumiere told French newspaper Le Monde that they are very surprised and shocked by what they called rantings of developers who have since left the studio Quantic Dream put out…

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