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Step into the mind of Howard Phillips, a young man who has developed an obsession with its dreams. Explore unique worlds filled with puzzles, secrets and horrors and tries to find meaning in the life of Howard. This is an adventure game with multiple endings depending on the choices you make. Dream presents a story divided into three acts with multiple paths and end completely determined by the way we explore and move between dreams. Every act plunge you into new worlds that help decipher the past, emotions and ambitions of Howard. Through dreams and nightmares Howard chance to shape their future.

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Still dreaming of that Witcher/Cyberpunk 2077 crossover

Oh sure now CD Projekt Red are blabbing about Cyberpunk all over blasting that rad trailer and showing a behind-closed-doors demo full of drugs guns and bums but for a long time we clung to scraps One of the more interesting was a story in The Witcher from our magical daughter figure Ciri which sounded like a nod to Cyberpunk On her journey across time and space Ciri told Geralt she visited a city with houses of glass people with metal in their heads horses replaced with flying ships and such Geralt was not convinced Don t remember Here Tolkfan…

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E3 2018: Alan Wake Dev's New Game Is Unbridled Action Driven By Dream Logic

Remedy's reputation as a developer of great action games with compelling stories has never quite faded even Quantum Break despite some complications had many redeeming qualities that its biggest detractors like me couldn't ignore Chief among them was the combat system which gave you control over time itself allowing you to slickly thwart swarms of enemies in unusual and flashy ways These same qualities are echoed in the announcement trailer for Remedy's next game Control but what you won't find in that video is the mind-bending series of events I saw during a private gameplay demo at E I'm looking…

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Dave Bautista Calls Playing Marcus Fenix in a Gears of War Movie a 'Dream Role'

While we haven't heard much about the Gears of War movie in development at Universal one familiar action star is trying to make it a reality by badgering Universal about starring in it Talking with GameSpot Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista admitted he considered playing Marcus Fenix in a Gears of War movie a dream role Answering questions from Twitter fans someone asked what for what role he really wanted and he quickly turned to the Microsoft-exclusive shooter franchise Continue reading…

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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Review - The Tag Team Dream

D anime fighters like the BlazBlue series are often intimidating for their elaborate movesets and demand for precise execution However BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle breaks from tradition by simplifying its gameplay systems and bringing in characters from three other franchises to join the fight By no means does the simplification make Cross Tag shallow--the dynamic tag system and the clever ways you can mix mechanics are where Cross Tag shines Factor in the charm of these distinct worlds and you'll have plenty of reasons to consider this fast flashy and endearing fighter Across four mainline games BlazBlue developed a complex…

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Eurogamer Q&A: Dream remasters

Some game franchises die When a game isn't popular enough to warrant a sequel or a studio doesn't love the core concept enough to bother with a reboot that's when a franchise dies Sometimes it'll come back in twenty years maybe but oftentimes it's just done Finished And we get new consoles and throw out our old ones and we forget about those games we loved at the time But what if commercial success wasn't a consideration What if we could wish forth remakes or remasters of our favourite titles I asked the Eurogamer team what they'd bring back Read…

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PS4 Weekly Recap: Updates And Freebies, Sony Looking At Handhelds, E3 Hopes And Dreams

This week in the PS universe is an overwhelming one E is right around the corner and your favorite titles have lots to give in terms of freebies and updates Make sure to check out the new freebies and updates in Fortnite H Z Tekken Call of Duty WWII and Battlefield this week and next God of War is down to in the US and PS now has its own Elite-esque controller for thanks to a third party The PlayStation might be nearing the end of its console life cycle and Sony is looking back into portable gaming We have…

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ANGRY TAMAGOTCHI SQUASHED ME!! - Worst dream EVER!! || Sleepin' Deeply DLC Gameplay Part 3

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