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Dragon Age 3 or Dragon Age Inquisition is the upcoming release of EA set in one of the most famous RPG series. This new release promises to be more spectacular, with a bigger world and gameplay that surpasses any other title in the franchise. The Deluxe Edition comes with lots of extras, among which include: Freehold Celestial Throne, a single throne created from the skull of an ancient dragon. The red deer Halla: a beast with huge horns we can ride by inducing terror and go where we go. The Unicorn of the bog: another unique mount of the deluxe edition, which belonged to an evil villain. The original soundtrack of Dragon Age: Inquisition. And the most interesting extra, besides the mounts and the soundtrack is the Flames of the Inquisition gear, which includes multiple weapons for each class; and the Armor of the Inquisitor, with stunning visuals and a fantastic horse, a heavy horse with its own armor. A deluxe edition of the franchise fans should not miss.


i have the standard edition and love it

November 10, 2016

amazing game just started playing the multiplayer this week and cant stop wish i could afford it to play the single player but i have kids and they come first great game though!!!!!#AmazingGame

October 15, 2015

I love this game, i want it

April 02, 2015

best game ever

March 24, 2015