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Diablo 3 is one of the most played games of Blizzard and now, after years since its launch, comes an expansion or DLC expected by many people, wich attraction will be the possibility to play with one of the most mythical classes of the Diablo franchise, the almighty Necromancer.

The Nicomain's most outstanding ability is that we will have the power to control armies of skeletons and undead that we will be able to immolate causing a major explosion, if it´s necessary. They are masters of blood, bone and the dark arts, and their abilities are both attack and defensive, being able to use the famous spear of bones to cross their enemies or the insurmountable wall of bones to prevent the passage and the enemie arrives at the body to body.

Diablo 3 Rise of the Necromancer is an expansion, so to access all new content of this DLC it is necessary to have the base game in our Blizzard account.

The planned launch date for this new expansion is June 27, 2017.

Comments and reviews

Great game i got it day 1 even the expantion but i didn't get the Necromancer class really wanted to try saw alot of videos on him and hes a beast


i am already playing diablo 3 with this expansion you get 2x stash slot necromancer character and a pet. Diablo 3 changed alot since reaper of souls with last expansions they are bringing the mood of Diablo 2.

October 05, 2017

How the hell can it be out of stock already!? This is insane!!! I was so happy that it is finally out and g2a was the only way to get it cheap


This game I always wanted to play but I never had the opportunity, so I saw it is an excellent game mmorpg mu like the online mu these types of games I love and more history

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Diablo 3: Rise Of The Necromancer Review

It had me at you can blow up corpses Rise of the Necromancer provides a fantastic new character class for Diablo III in a dark wizard who loves the dead as much as Alice Cooper As such this downloadable content provides a reason for dedicated fans of Blizzard s hack-and-slasher to revisit the game and it even offers a little nudge for newbies to finally get with it and play one of the best action RPGs of all time There s one important caveat though--all you get here is the new necromancer class and his undeadly accoutrements Still playing as…

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Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer Review

While Diablo has generally done an admirable job giving all of its classes a distinct identity and interesting mechanics Rise of the Necromancer sets the bar a few notches higher Even as someone who s played half a dozen builds of each of the other six Nephalem heroes the Necromancer managed to surprise me and change the way I think about slaying demons en masse While the Necromancer has a resource pool like the other classes Essence effectively a magic meter which recharges when you hurt things with basic attacks their real resource is actually corpses Anything you kill leaves…

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Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer Livestream - IGN Plays Live

We're taking a return trip down to the depths of hell with the Necromancer class in Diablo Rise of the Necromancer live today from PM - PM PT PM - PM ET PM - PM BST AM - AM AEST Join James Duggan and Brandin Tyrrel as they start brand new characters and walk us through the first few hours of the game highlighting what's new about the returning Necromancer Join the action live by tuning into IGN com live or watch us on YouTube Twitch Facebook and get your questions answered by tweeting at IGN on twitter using the…

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