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20 years have passed since the last time the Prime Evils, Diablo , Mephisto and Baal , camped at ease in the world of Sanctuary , torturing and wreaking havoc among mankind. However, the memory of those who fought head to head against the armies of the evil fades slowly and the wounds of the soul still sting . This is the third installment of the award-winning RPG from Blizzard, Diablo , and comes loaded with new features compared to its two predecessors. First an improved graphics engine and adapted to the power of today's computers. Immensity of monsters , weapons and equipment at our disposal, and 4 full chapters of quests, dungeons and caves that are randomly generated with each login . Also include the introduction of the artisans, who will accompany us throughout the Sanctuary and we can benefit us when creating weapons and armor , jewels and together the recent update , a craftsman with which we can exchange our team magic options by more convenient . A new adventure of the most successful RPG franchise .

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good game

December 24, 2015

I want to buy it. Maybe the time has come...

April 19, 2015
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The curse of chunky pixels falls upon Diablo 3 once more

Loot-hoarders rev up your engines and reinstall Diablo because it s time for another annual dive into Diablo s past courtesy of the retro-themed Darkening of Tristram event coming back for another month of low-fi demon-slaughter For those who missed out on on this event last year it s a good time to dust off your demon-slaying gear Not only is Diablo still a well supported if curiously balanced game but the Darkening will let you poke around a semi-authentic recreation of Diablo s iconic town and haunted cathedral until the end of the month more…

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Diablo 3's Special Diablo 1 Anniversary Event, Darkening Of Tristram, Has Returned

Diablo III's Darkening of Tristram a limited-time event meant to celebrate the anniversary of the original Diablo's release is live once again Whether you're a fan of that game or someone simply looking to snag some Diablo III loot it's worth checking out Similar to how it operated last year when the event made its debut Darkening of Tristram went partially live recently Special cultists began appearing in-game in Adventure mode but the real meat of the update goes live at PM PT PM ET on January AM GMT AM AET on January At that point slaying the cultists can…

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Diablo 3’s retro anniversary event returns Jan. 1

Revisit the original Diablo in the Darkening of Tristram Continue reading…

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Diablo 3 Update 2.6.1 Out Now, Here Are The Patch Notes

Blizzard has released a new update version for Diablo III on PC PS and Xbox One It doesn't introduce any new features but it does change items and skills--some of which have seen runes completely redesigned At a high level Blizzard said that some skills have been buffed while others have received adjustments for improved playability and performance Multiple Legendary items have also been buffed while Blizzard has taken a close look at how each class performs in Greater Rifts It said it's made several changes to bring as many gameplay styles as close in line to each other as…

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Overwatch, WoW, Diablo 3 BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Goodies Revealed

One of the nice perks of buying the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket is that you get virtual goodies for Blizzard's games Now Blizzard has announced what almost all of those bonuses are for each game Also worth noting is people who attend BlizzCon in person also get these For World of Warcraft the bonus is the Stormwind Skychaser Alliance and Orgrimmar Interceptor Horde These bonuses are already in the game Overwatch's bonus is a new skin for Winston which is also already available in the game Through the power of science Winston found himself teleported into BlizzCon --and picked up this…

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Get ready for the end of Diablo 3 Season 11

How have we already reached the end of Diablo official site Season Time goes quickly when you re battering your way through Rifts and trying to unlock achievements on fresh seasonal characters If you ve still got things to do you d better finish them soon because it finishes on October more…

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