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Compare best prices for Deus Ex Mankind Divided for PS4 and buy it in the most important online stores of Internet. There are two versions of Deus Ex Mankind Divided, the physical version and the digital version, in cd key or account format, so pay attention to the information in each store to see which version of Deus Ex Mankind Divided you´re going to buy. The story in this new installment of Deus Ex takes place in 2029, and continues just after the events that took place in Human Revolution and the failure of facilities addons in humans, known as increases, which caused millions of deaths. Following the events in the previous installments of Deus Ex, society was divided into two sides, those who possessed increases and those who were in favor of it and those opposed to any artificial system in humans. Amid this social chaos, our secret agent, which has a huge arsenal of increases, returns to battle to level the balance. Strengthened with new and better increases, it will have a huge arsenal of weapons and superhuman abilities to cope with the mega corporations seeking to establish dominance over society. New locations, more choices at our disposal that will change the course of history, new weapons, new enemies and endless innovations over previous installments of this saga. The launch of Deus Ex Divided Mankind is scheduled for August 28, 2016 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Do not forget that all the stores we have listed in gocdkeys have been tested and verified by our team, so they are totally reliable (you can read reviews and ratings shops in the + info button find next to each).

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I pay this game, but terrible game. I'm very very sad.

November 14, 2016
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