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Destiny is a first person shooter developed by the renowned studio Bungie, the creators of the legendary Halo saga . The release date of this new and awesome game will be September 9, 2014 . Our story begins 700 years since the foundation of the last city on Earth , and our world is in a solar system littered with the ruins of civilizations that were built during the famous Golden Age of Man. A huge and mysterious alien vessel , located a few miles of our atmosphere, as if it were a second moon . Nobody knows where it comes from , but we know they care for us and protect us from the threats of the universe. This guardian of the Earth is known as the traveler. We will be the guardians and our mission is to defend at all costs the remnants of humanity. At Destiny we can play both single-player or co-op with our friends.

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Destiny 2 Faction Rally Winner Named, New Weapon Now Available

Destiny 's first Season Faction Rally has wrapped up and we have a winner New Monarchy has again emerged victorious and that means its unique reward is now available for sale as part of Victory Week which is underway on PC PS and Xbox One As with previous events this means the Tower is now adorned with New Monarchy decorations to celebrate the win The victor is determined based on the Faction that collectively earned the most rewards packages during the Faction Rally event With New Monarchy coming out on top it's the only one of the three Factions that…

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Destiny 2 Xur Location Guide: Where Is Xur And What's He Selling? (Jan. 19-23)

With Destiny 's latest Faction Rally underway the mysterious merchant Xur has reared his unsettling face once again on PC PS and Xbox One He has a selection of Exotic items for sale as always along with a special Engram and a way to boost your chances of securing additional Exotics Here's exactly what Xur is selling this week and where to find him With this week's Flashpoint on Mercury Xur has taken up residence on the Tower where anyone DLC owner or not can find him provided they've finished the campaign He's in his usual spot on the right…

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Destiny 2 Xur location and items, Jan. 19-22

Head to the Tower for some exotics Continue reading…

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Destiny 2 Admits To Confusing Players -- "This Was On Us"

Bungie's newest weekly blog post went up today And while it is light on details about what's coming next to Destiny the studio did take time to address the feedback regarding the changes Bungie made to how Faction Rallies work in the game's Season Bungie started off by acknowledging that a bug in the previous iteration of Faction Rallies that allowed players to in some circumstances earn tokens faster than they should have been able to Destiny 's December update added Faction token rewards to a system that in turn locked some users out of picking up Lost Sector rewards…

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Destiny 2: Bungie Acknowledges Rally Token Throttling

Destiny has once again come under fire for a perceived lack of transparency after it emerged that Rally Tokens - the currency through which players can increase their standing in their chosen faction - have been capped in a recent update without telling players Additionally Bungie confirmed that Faction Rally weapons' absence from loot boxes isn't a bug - these weapons will become available over the course of the season In a post Bungie explains that the throttle on Rally Tokens was implemented as part of the game's December update the original intent was to address an exploit where players…

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Bungie Confirms Most Of Destiny 2's New Faction Rally Weapons Aren't Available Yet

Destiny 's latest Faction Rally event is a significant one as it is the first to take place since Season kicked off with the release of the Curse of Osiris DLC expansion As a result it features the addition of new gear and items for players to get their hands on but it turns out that exactly what can be obtained right now isn't what players had assumed Despite the addition of multiple new Faction weapons players found they couldn't be obtained through Faction Engrams Following a day of confusion Bungie has confirmed exactly what's available during the current event…

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DESTINY 2 - Story Mode Gameplay Walkthrough!! (Destiny 2 Gameplay)

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24 Minutes of Destiny 2 Gameplay as a Titan