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Destiny is a first person shooter developed by the renowned studio Bungie, the creators of the legendary Halo saga . The release date of this new and awesome game will be September 9, 2014 . Our story begins 700 years since the foundation of the last city on Earth , and our world is in a solar system littered with the ruins of civilizations that were built during the famous Golden Age of Man. A huge and mysterious alien vessel , located a few miles of our atmosphere, as if it were a second moon . Nobody knows where it comes from , but we know they care for us and protect us from the threats of the universe. This guardian of the Earth is known as the traveler. We will be the guardians and our mission is to defend at all costs the remnants of humanity. At Destiny we can play both single-player or co-op with our friends.

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news & articles

Destiny 2 Update Makes Ace Of Spades Much Easier To Get

Bungie has rolled out another patch for Destiny on PS Xbox One and PC This one hotfix fixes a handful of issues still lingering in the game following the release of the Forsaken expansion but the most notable change it makes has to do with how to get your hands on Cayde- 's Exotic hand cannon the Ace of Spades The aforementioned gun is the reward you earn for completing the Cayde's Will quest You first receive it after clearing the Forsaken campaign but in order to restore the gun to working condition you'll need to complete a few more…

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New Destiny 2: Forsaken Hotfix Update; Here Are The Patch Notes

Bungie has updated Destiny with the new hotfix patch The update primarily addresses several of the bugs that have plagued the game since the release of the Forsaken expansion but also lowers the difficulty curve of certain quests Perhaps the most noticeable change to the game is the update made to Gambit specifically the Cayde's Will quest Previously one of the steps for completing the mission and unlocking Cayde's trademark hand cannon Ace of Spades required you to kill invading players with hand cannons Thanks to the hotfix you can now kill invading players or general enemies to complete the…

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Destiny 2 Forsaken's Spider Bounty -- Wanted: Silent Fang In EDZ

Destiny 's Forsaken expansion has brought with it a wide variety of new ways to spend your time That's especially true following the weekly reset on Tuesdays as you again find yourself with an array of refreshed activities Among those are the weekly bounties offered by Spider the vendor in the Tangled Shore One of these poses a larger challenge than the rest and for Week that is the Wanted Silent Fang bounty Here's where to go and how to complete it Whereas many of Spider's Wanted bounties are not entirely clear about where to go and what to do…

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Play Destiny 2: Forsaken's Gambit Mode For Free This Weekend

Destiny 's Forsaken expansion has been out for a few weeks and the Raid is live but that doesn't mean Bungie is done trying to entice people to play the game This weekend between September - anyone with Destiny which is free this month for PlayStation Plus members has a chance to try out Gambit mode for free In Gambit two teams of four face off against separate waves of enemies Fallen enemies drop motes which you can collect and deposit into a bank in the center of the map Once a team has deposited motes a primeval boss appears…

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Destiny 2's Go-To Gun In Gambit, Sleeper Simulant, Is In Line For A Nerf

One of the best additions in Destiny 's Forsaken DLC is Gambit a new mode that blends PvP and PvE Two teams of four are separated into their own arenas to fight AI-controlled enemies but periodically one person can invade the other side killing enemy players If you've played Gambit for any length of time you've undoubtedly seen the weapon of choice for a huge portion of invaders Sleeper Simulant It's used so often not just because it's fun to use but because it's incredibly effective--and Bungie is finally ready to do something about its popularity The Exotic linear fusion…

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Destiny 2 Forsaken: Tier 4 Blind Well Gameplay

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