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Destiny 2
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Description & requirements

You can now preorder Destiny 2 cd key for PC, which is scheduled to be released on September 8th 2017! This codes will not be delivered until a few days before the official release, even though, you can already preorder it to guarantee the best possible price.

It is the second installment of the multiplayer action game that appeared in 2015 for consoles and masterfully combined the genre shooter and genre RPG. Finally, we can enjoy on our computers, and through the gaming platform, the second installment of one of the most played and acclaimed PS4 games.

Still little is known of Destiny 2, although from Bungie have guaranteed that this month we will be able to watch videos and images of the gameplay. The story, we assume will focus on the last human city, where the hordes of the Red Legion commanded by Ghaul have razed everything in its path. Now the war will move to new worlds, with new booties, weapons, items and new and fantastic treasures to sack and find. We will also have a beta available on all platforms, although the release date is still unknown. There is nothing left to wait until mid-April that more information will be released.

New classes

The little we still know about this second installment is in relation to the character classes, we have information about three, but it is unknown if there will be more. At the moment, the three that will be available are: The Hunter, which will be quick with the trigger and in the melee, as it will poratará a sword. The Titan, which will be a tank spice and will be prepared for any type of situation with its huge warhammer. The Warlock, who will be a warrior erudite of light, with which we can perform powerful attacks.

PVE and missions

New data on the PVE aspect of the title have just been leaked, which promises to contain more content than the first delivery. We will have a lot of individual secondary and primary missions, with all kinds of rewards, daily tasks, ... And many more things that will encourage the game alone. Although we must not forget that the most acclaimed aspect of the first installment of Destiny was the multiplayer, in the new delivery also promise a lot of content in this regard.

Comments and reviews

what to say about destiny 2, great graphics, great story mode, great to play with friends, but, and there is always a ¨but¨, the game is focused on new people on destiny and blizzard have forgotten the real players of this game, the game is very short in content if you dont buy the DLCs, which means, you have to spend lot of money for one game, and also they do not have many new things from the first destiny, for me is like destiny 1.5. I wont recommend this game at all because of the politics involved in this game.


Muy buen juego, jugue la beta y si te gustan los juegos futuristas y que tengas que trabajar para equiparte este es tu juego. Ademas al ser de blizzard sabemos que hay buen soporte.

November 27, 2017

It is a good game, it has good graphics. it is like Destiny 1. I hope I will get it in this amazing page for free, beacuse I can not buy it by myself.

November 25, 2017

Sooooo dissapointed. first i was happy it will be available on PC but man, it's so boring. the maps feel empty, everything is so static. the leveling is boring, really dissapointed in this one.


Recently got Destiny 2 for PC, so far I have no complaints. I'm playing on an Acer Nitro 5 laptop with a GTX 1050ti (4GB) with an Intel i5-8300H CPU, 8 GB RAM, and a SSD and my CPU stays below 80 deg C and GPU below 75 deg C at Medium to High settings, 1080p (60 FPS). Beautiful game that runs beyond smooth - highly recommend to anyone looking to try a new FPS/RPG or even someone looking to try an MMO, as it has that aspect as well.


destiny 1 was really amazing game but 2 is even better the change a lot of thing like art and shooting part and power i recommend to anyone who is into this kind of thing


Muy divertido al principio, sobre todo con amigos, aunque luego acaba siendo un poco repetitivo pero aun así merece la pena si te gusta el género y la ciencia ficción.

Alejandro Tomeo

Amazing game. I would definitely say it was 1 9/10 though, mostly because theres not too too much social interaction for my tastes, but it is still an amazing game that i love wholeheartedly.


destiny 1 was really amazing game but 2 is even better the change a lot of thing like art and shooting part and power i recommend to anyone who is into this kind of thing


Great graphics on the trailer i dont know but... you will not get disappointed with the new Destiny 2. It look so cool i really want it, i recommend playing the 1 before to get with the mechanics

December 29, 2017
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