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Depth is an action and exploration game in the deep sea, where you have the option to play as a clever diver or a violent shark. The World in Depth is an aquatic and dark world, in which we must overcome all kinds of creatures using our own skills, cunning and stealth. We will live moments of genuine tension and visceral action, and we can develop our character by accessing all kinds of weapons, or improvements to our shark that will make it a ruthless killing machine. Besides having an online mode, we can also play against a very well elaborated and intelligent AI in different degrees of difficulty. Choose your style of play and exploring the deep sea for treasures as a diver, or become a ruthless shark.


Nice casual game nice feeling eather as diver or shark.
maps are good made and the loot sistem is fair.
Must have for everyone who loves a nice game to play casually

October 11, 2017


- Concept is great. Don't know why anyone else has thought of it.
- Sharks have interesting perks that coincide with their type of shark.
- Graphics are incredible.
- The audio is realistic.
- The music can be generally pleasing.
- The game's updated frequently.
- Creates an always tense atmosphere.

- Servers tend to lag occasionally
- It takes SO much longer to find the servers in the most recent updates.
- It doesn't match you with your skill levels.
- Steam overlay lags.
- Menu chat lags.


Awsome game.10/10

June 28, 2015