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Even with "Demons Age" being exceptionally motivated in D&D endeavors like ToEE, Chaos Chronicles or Baldur's Gate, follows its own view on a completely new imaginary world. Bigmoon took the freedom to innovate, produce a plot that was captivating characters, new places, and also a whole universe to discover, experience, and gameplay.

Moragon is a peninsula located in the northern areas of this Abidon Sea, in which, for a very long time period, Elves, Dwarves and Halflings survived their own lives peacefully in their communities, with minimum conversation between each other. When Humans arrived at their ships launched their routes in the north. 
The connections involving each race of Moragon changed drastically, has mutual advantages were attained.

Yet this booming success also attracted to Moragon influent men filled with greed and thirsty for power, who'd stop at nothing to attain their targets. 
As a result of this battle for the dominion above peninsula, Vazuhr, the Lord of Darkness, an ancient evil that has been inactive for thousands of years from the depths of Moragon saw an chance to climb once more. Vazuhr had aggregated the Orcs and discovered his herald a warlord who had taken from storm among the ports of Moragon, in Zogalon. 

With Zogalon as his liege, Vazuhr was able to start the portals of Hell, unleashing his legions of demons to fight together with the warlord and so conquer the entire expansion of Moragon.

However the courageous people of Moragon stood united against this danger and managed to conquer Zogalon along with his ruthless army. 

Vazuhr was sentenced to the depths of Hell along with the portals were shut resorting to charming Monoliths that destroyed the additional passing of demons to Moragon. A century passed after these incidents and Moragon survived through a more or less peaceful period, until a couple of decades ago.

Scattered rumors of unusual events during the peninsula and even demon sightings attained Konrad Lijak, the current King of Moragon.
Sticking to these alarming news that the King gathered a group of the very reliable men who started an analysis concerning the origin of the rumors.

Regardless of news where attracted from the dad's mage, Kaldulor, drove the King angry. Konrad disappeared with no cue of cursing the King and Kaldulor was accused. 

Now, together with the realm in complete disarray, Princess Pellora Lijak and her younger brother, Prince Karan, have upon themselves the tough mission of fighting what seems to be the resurgence of the evil of older times.

Word includes the magical seals which shielded the monoliths being broken by a mysterious sect known as the "Order of Enlightenment", controlled by a mysterious figure just referred to as the High Emissary, which demons have returned from the depths of hell and also invaded the lands of Moragon once again, creating chaos everywhere.

Following a storm wrecks the boat in which you're held as prisoner, you wash ashore from the coasts of Moragon, and the Experience begins...

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