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Description & requirements

You are Isaac Clarke, an engineer on the way to the space mining ship USG Ishimura which could not by contacted anymore by anyone for some time. On board you find yourself confronted with a bloodbath, dismembered body parts strewn across the hallways of the huge ship. Now it is up to you to find out what happened here ... and survive.

Comments and reviews

one of the best games i ever played; an instant classic, a must play for the horror game fans, its super fun and scary, and one of my favourite sagas alon wiht resident Evil


Dead Space, the first one. I remember holding the physical game in my hands and thinking "Oh boiii" that's gonna be a good one. Here is my review of that game I was never able to finish when I first got it.

Even if this gamer has aged a little by now, it's still relatively pleasing to the eye. Simplicity of graphics, not overcrowded and somehow, everything works fine. What is Dead Space? Well, you are a guy in space who wanted to check / repair a giant ship. Problem, people are dead on the giant ship (oops), there are also alien (re oops) and weird artefacts (what?!). So get your suit on and don't trust anything!

Jump scares ahead, save game location betraying you and enjoy the moment, alone, in space. Hearing Isaac breathing in the void of space is really calming... but that's maybe the rest of the game you are on your god damn nerves. And then realize, everything is meant to fuck you up!

Upgrade your weapons, try different mods, dismember the aliens and see them crawling, then get stabby stabbed.


Great game !

March 08, 2015

A really nice game, I love it!

September 27, 2014
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10 years on, here’s how Dead Space went from horror to action horror in three games

The first Dead Space turned years old last month It took me a month to get through the first two hours when I first played it Every time I jumped back in and clumped down one of the USG Ishimura s dark corridors a monster would pop out of the vents and I d jump up smash the pause button and find an excuse to do anything else but play it Many fans loved that sense of dread but for some players it was simply too stressful All our data showed the number one reason people bought Dead Space was…

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MSI Aegis 3 8th review: The PC that thinks it’s from Dead Space

When I opened up the box containing MSI s Aegis th PC I wasn t entirely sure whether I was looking at a miniature desktop or the disembodied head of Dead Space protagonist Issac Clarke With its pointed stack of glowing RGB strips and dark angular chassis the Aegis is a dead ringer for Clarke s ominous helmet albeit without the added decoration of spattered Necromorph blood round the outside If you ve ever wanted a PC that looks like a piece of video game box art the Aegis definitely fills that tiny niche This alone should give you a…

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EVE Online’s new expansion warps to Abyssal Deadspace

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