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You are Isaac Clarke, an engineer on the way to the space mining ship USG Ishimura which could not by contacted anymore by anyone for some time. On board you find yourself confronted with a bloodbath, dismembered body parts strewn across the hallways of the huge ship. Now it is up to you to find out what happened here ... and survive.

Comments and reviews

Dead Space, the first one. I remember holding the physical game in my hands and thinking "Oh boiii" that's gonna be a good one. Here is my review of that game I was never able to finish when I first got it.

Even if this gamer has aged a little by now, it's still relatively pleasing to the eye. Simplicity of graphics, not overcrowded and somehow, everything works fine. What is Dead Space? Well, you are a guy in space who wanted to check / repair a giant ship. Problem, people are dead on the giant ship (oops), there are also alien (re oops) and weird artefacts (what?!). So get your suit on and don't trust anything!

Jump scares ahead, save game location betraying you and enjoy the moment, alone, in space. Hearing Isaac breathing in the void of space is really calming... but that's maybe the rest of the game you are on your god damn nerves. And then realize, everything is meant to fuck you up!

Upgrade your weapons, try different mods, dismember the aliens and see them crawling, then get stabby stabbed.


Great game !

March 08, 2015

A really nice game, I love it!

September 27, 2014
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The environments of massive open-world games particularly in recent years have been rightly praised for their representation scale and design accuracy However there are some gems at the other end of the spectrum - environments that make you feel cramped tense and desperate for a break This is an approach to environment design utilised in our real-world from gardens to architecture and is mirrored excellently in some game environments creating areas that trap us in cramped claustrophobic conditions The underground tunnel network of the Metro series adapted for human life but traversed with trepidation and tension nailed its own post-apocalyptic…

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Dead Space is the sequel Resident Evil 4 deserved

Editor's note In light of EA closing Visceral Games we thought it would be a good time to remember the game and series the studio is known best for Dead Space This article was first published in February this year My initial plan for this article was to write about the space bits of Dead Space also known as everyone's favourite bits of Dead Space I was going to write something cool and arch and critical like the true horror of Dead Space lies not in the snarling gibbering Necromorphs that attempt to rip and tear the flesh from Isaac…

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Dead Space 2 Dev Says Game Cost $60M To Make And Sold Millions, But Failed Commercially

In the wake of Dead Space studio Visceral Games' closure a former employee has come forward to reveal details about Dead Space 's budget and its profitability Former level designer Zach Wilson said on Twitter that the Xbox PS and PC game cost million to produce going on to sell million copies Wilson added that EA was merciless with the budget for Dead Space suggesting it could have been higher That's a lot of copies But with marketing expenses of a reported million and the portions that retailers get and the cut that Microsoft and Sony take from sales it…

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EA's Star Wars Action-Adventure Game Getting Revamped; Dead Space Dev Visceral Shut Down

Electronic Arts has announced some major news regarding one of its most anticipated upcoming games as well as one of its oldest studios EA revealed it will shut down Visceral Games the studio responsible for the Dead Space series among many other titles Additionally the single-player Star Wars game it had been working on will be overhauled and moved to a different EA studio leaving a major name's future uncertain with the company Our Visceral studio has been developing an action-adventure title set in the Star Wars universe said Patrick Soderlund executive VP of EA worldwide studios in a post…

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EA to close Dead Space studio Visceral, in-development Star Wars game moving to Vancouver

EA have just announced that they ll be ramping down and closing Visceral the studio behind the Dead Space trilogy Visceral have been working on an untitled Star Wars project described as an action-adventure and Amy Hennig formerly of Naughty Dog and Crystal Dynamics moved to the studio in to work on that project as senior creative director EA s statement regarding Visceral s closure suggests that they re unhappy with the status of that game and they plan to pivot the design to fit fundamental shifts in the marketplace Full statement and thoughts below more…

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Celebrating Dead Space's Anniversary

Nine years ago publisher EA took a chance on a new franchise It was dark macabre and creepy and something wholly different than the company's earlier projects It was the first Dead Space developer by EA Redwood Shores and it would spark one of the most beloved series to emerge from the former generation of video game consoles In honor of Friday the th and Dead Space's anniversary the game actually released on Oct but who's really counting we're playing through a portion of Isaac Clarke's journey aboard the USG Ishimura mining vessel We'll also discuss the game's development history…

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trailers & gameplays

Dead Space 1080p/60fps Full HD Walkthrough Longplay Gameplay No Commentary

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