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Description & requirements

Daylight is a survival horror type game created with the Unreal 4 graphics engine from a first person perspective. Incarnated a girl who wakes up in an abandoned hospital without knowing why he is there. We will not have access to any weapons and our only tool is our mobile phone. The game levels are generated automatically each time we start the game, so there will not be the same environments. Our goal with the help of our phone, is explore the haunted hospital in order to escape.

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news & articles

Dead by Daylight Dev’s Next Game Puts an FPS Twist on Asymmetrical PvP

Deathgarden the newest game from Dead by Daylight developer Behavior Digital is a different take on asymmetrical PvP This near-future bloodsport has one person playing what seems like a more traditional FPS but the other five are teamed up against them in a third-person game of capture point keepaway I got my hands on Deathgarden s closed alpha and it s already deep fast and shaping up to be a whole lot of fun It s a simple premise a team of five Runners have to sprint and climb around a randomized map coordinating to capture two of the three…

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Dead By Daylight Dev’s New Game Taking Alpha Sign-ups Now

Deathgarden the newest asymmetrical PvP game from the developers of Dead by Daylight will enter closed alpha tomorrow May Deathgarden pits five extremely mobile Runners against one extremely powerful Hunter with the Runners trying to capture two of three points before the Hunter kills three of them You can watch a new trailer with a first look at gameplay below Runners can choose a class with different upgradeable abilities while the Hunter can choose different weapons and traps Developer Behavior Digital says if new abilities are added in the future they will always be available to all players with no…

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Dead by Daylight successor Deathgarden looks familiar

Deathgarden the just-announced followup to Behaviour Interactive s multiplayer horror romp Dead by Daylight bears more than a passing family resemblance In the trailer within A helpless player hanging from some sort of altar a hulking great aggressor guarding his prey while several other players lurk in the shadows preparing a rescue The only real difference between the games at this point are some stylish sci-fi masks and significantly better weaponry for all involved more…

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Dead by Daylight Creators Tease New 5v1 Shooter Deathgarden

Behaviour Digital the developers behind Dead by Daylight are teasing a new game called Deathgarden with more to be revealed at PAX East next week According to Behaviour Digital Deathgarden is a brutal asymmetrical shooter where powerful hunters prey on agile runners in a spectacular dystopian bloodsport It's a v shooter and as you can see in the teaser video above it definitely looks like it will be intense if nothing else Above The Saw DLC trailer for Behaviour's popular existing title Dead by Daylight Deathgarden will be playable on the PAX East show floor if you happen to be…

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Dead By Daylight making DLC characters unlockable

Many of Dead By Daylight s paid DLC characters will become unlockable without paying a penny developers Behaviour have announced With the multiplayer slasher em up s second birthday drawing near they ve laid out their plans for the third year including new cosmetic items and four new killers survivors and maps arriving across the year But it is especially good to hear that as the game grows ever bigger a new progression system will make many of the DLC survivors and killers not ones licensed from movies so no Freddy Krueger or Laurie Strode unlockable by playing the game…

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Everything I learned about game design last year I learned from Dead by Daylight

Sometimes I worry I'm a contrarian People tell me I'm not but I won't listen to them Here's an example Last year while most of my peers were pouring hundreds of hours into Zelda and Super Mario Odyssey I was completely obsessed with Dead by Daylight an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game that almost no one else I knew was playing Developed by Behaviour Interactive it challenges four players to work together as survivors avoiding the murderous intentions of a fifth player who takes part as the killer During each bout the survivors have to explore the map find generators and…

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Wir finden schon einen Weg... - Dead by Daylight Gameplay Deutsch German

Bubba wird zum Pizzaboy - Dead by Daylight Gameplay Deutsch German