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Buy Dark Souls 3 for PS4 at best price has never been easier! Now you can preorder Dark Souls 3 for PS4 in any of the online stores that we have selected for you. From Gocdkeys you will see a price comparison, ordered from smallest to largest price, where you can choose the best possible price for Dark Souls 3 for PS4 console, in the best online stores. Third installment of one of the best RPG of all time and comes loaded with new features and additions. On the one hand, the characteristic visual atmosphere of this saga, with dynamic lighting and particle effects that will immerse us in a dark fantasy world in ruins dominated by the forces of chaos and where only our warrior gets in the way of the legions of evil . We can explore vast and impressive scenes full of enemies and secrets, while we discover treasures and equipment that will make our warrior a hero capable of annihilating any enemy that gets in our way. In this new Dark Souls 3 we will enjoy a more diversified action in combat, allowing us to create our own unique playing style. The unique online system that will have greater functionality for online multiplayer feature that seamlessly integrates online interactions in the single-player story will be improved. The release for this new Dark Souls 3 is scheduled for April 12, both PC and next generation consoles. Remember to carefully read all the information on each store about methods of payment and shipping times.

Comments and reviews

Amazing game, best Souls game so far.
The level design and the music is insanely good, there is a lot of things to discover about the story by reading items, which make it even more enjoyable.


Dark Souls 3, is a very fun game, but also takes a lot of time and effort to get used to. The game itself can be slightly clunky at times, but does work. The game still is work it, if on sale. The game can be very frustrating, not worth the full price if you can't handle the rage.


I like the first Dark Souls because of the gameplay and story and the second one because of the online multiplayer, this one is not the best of the saga maybe but be sure that you are going to have fun playing this game

August 06, 2017

Never by this game on ConsoGame, 1 day ago no one say me nothing

May 27, 2016

good site and very good game

April 12, 2016
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Super Mario Odyssey already got modded into Super Mario and now the game has received quite a different makeover A determined fan has recreated the Super Mario Odyssey trailer from E in Dark Souls III You read that right the gritty dark and brutal action game was used to make a video paralleling Odyssey's trailer There couldn't be two more different games and because of that the video is hilarious Check it out below from user JellyElite and originally reported by Polygon The creator used a Mario hat mod which you can download yourself through the link in the description…

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