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You can now Preorder the Game of the year Edition version of Dark Souls 3 at the best price on the Internet, thanks to the Gocdkeys search engine. Dark Souls 3 GOTY The Fire Fades Edition is the relaunch of one of the best RPGs of the last years, and the most difficult in its genre. 

Dark Souls 3 Game of the Year Edition includes: The Dark Souls 3 base game, downloadable from the Steam platform in digital form. It also includes the first Dark Souls 3 expansion, called Ashes of Ariandel, which will add new missions, a new territory to explore, new weapons and equipment for our character, as well as exclusive challenges and rewards of incalculable value. 

And also includes the second expansion for Dark Souls 3, called The Ringed City, which introduces new lands, new bosses, new enemies with new armor and armament, new magic spells and more. This latest expansion is the final chapter of an epic RPG in which we will move into a dark world plagued by enemies coming out of the depths of hell. 

Like any RPG, we will select a hero and associate one of the classes available, which will determine our gameplay. As we´ll advance in this incredible adventure we will get better equipment for our hero, among weapons, armor and magic objects that will grant us different bonuses that will be of great help in facing the new challenges that we will encounter along the way. Our fighting ability will be crucial if we want win, as we will must dodge or block our opponent's attacks at the right time. 

Undoubtedly, where Dark Souls 3 stands out above the rest of RPG is in it´s combat system and level of difficulty, which will be a challenge for people less experienced in this type of games.

Comments and reviews

You can't miss this awesome game, specially if you played previous DS games, it's full of pure fanservice.
Combat CAN be faster now, but the "hide-behind-shield" tactic is not removed
Good merge between DS and Bloodborne sagas

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