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Crysis is one of the most popular shooters of all time, because it introduced a new graphics engine, Crytek, allowing a visual display and a physical never seen in a game. Now we can enjoy the Crysis trilogy with this unique package, which allow us to live all the action of the Crysis universe. Includes all deliveries of this futuristic shooter, and in the course of the three complete games will witness firsthand the evolution of an alien invasion and its effects on the earth, in both single-player campaign and in its multiplayer experience competitive. Wear the advanced Nanosuit with which we will get a series of superhuman features such as super strength, hyper speed, ability to repel bullets, and more, plus an arsenal at our disposal to try to repel the alien invasion.

Comments and reviews

Back to the basics! From the first Crysis, which was supposed to be the best looking game with insane physics to the last one, which is... good looking?

First crysis had a great story, great enemies and memorable landscape. Making your way through the jungle or using the editor for fun makes this game a great time killer.
Crysis 2? Mmmmmh I was never too fond of it, it lost many of the good aspects from Crysis 1 and the story is forgettable. It's still nice to have it as a bonus :)
Crysis 3 is great, good looking, forgot some of the mechanisms yes, but brought upgradability and new capabilities to your exo skeleton, alongside with a great story, immersion and enemies. The online is still active but it will never be as good as the first one unfortunately!

Those three games are classics now and should be played by anyone who didn't try them out yet ! :)

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The Crysis Trilogy on Xbox One back-compat offers big performance boosts

Microsoft surprised us last week with the backwards-compatible re-release of the Crysis trilogy for Xbox One and Xbox One X Once again - alas - there's no sign of X-enhanced support for these titles but what we do get is one of the most dramatic performance upgrades yet and a chance to revisit a fascinating period of Xbox history We all know of the original Crysis' legendary status amongst PC users and the fact that even today the game can still bring the most powerful CPU hardware to its knees But the wider point here is that developer Crytek were…

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