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Description & requirements

In Crusader Kings II you play a noble Christian who tries to find his place in the heart of Europe during the war to liberate the Holy Land. Perfect for lovers of the medieval period, this game is a dynasty simulator and allows you to manage your dynasty and switch to the dark side of the force if you want to ... Here you have the choice to become a tyrant or a noble lord according to your choice. Managing your kingdom is ubiquitous, you will always have something to do! Management of heredity is really well developed with traits and skills directly inherited from parents. You will be well advised to arrange marriages between persons of \"quality\" to get the best people possible ... Conspiracy, alliances and wars of religion are also scheduled to complete your goals. Extremely varied and with a very good playability, the game life is truly huge. The game is also more accessible than his successors.

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Complicated as hell!!!!

April 07, 2015
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news & articles

Crusader Kings 2 fights a land war in Asia next month

Crusader Kings is a strange thing At first glance it s a wildly complex grand strategy game in the vein of Europa Universalis but dig a little deeper and you ll find something not far divorced from The Sims an ant-farm sandbox driven not by goals or win-states but the personal dramas of a cast of thousands As with The Sims Crusader Kings just keeps on growing constantly reinvigorated by expansions adding new layers of complexity to the simulation The latest of these Jade Dragon offers you the chance to puppeteer your way through seven hundred years of Chinese political…

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War is changing in Crusader Kings 2

Forget everything Fallout has ever taught you because war is changing We already knew about upcoming geographical expansions in Crusader Kings II official site making areas that were previously impassable playable but fresh news arrived in today s dev diary and it involves changes to fundamental systems The major shift will be in the causes of war which will no longer require justification in every instance That could be a dramatic change given that one of the most important aspects of CK II is the need for a Casus Belli to not only declare war but to inform the goals…

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Crusader Kings 2 expanding eastward

Crusader Kings official site is secretly Crusader Kings or The specific number isn t important the point is Paradox s alternate history generator has grown in all directions since release The timeline covered has expanded the map is much bigger there are more cultures and religions and you can join a cult and give birth to the antichrist There wasn t an official expansion announcement at PDXCON the media event and fan gathering that I returned from yesterday but today game director Henrik F hraeus published a post discussing some future changes The playable world is getting bigger again the…

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trailers & gameplays

Let's Play Crusader Kings 2 The Kingdom of David 1

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