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In Crusader Kings II you play a noble Christian who tries to find his place in the heart of Europe during the war to liberate the Holy Land. Perfect for lovers of the medieval period, this game is a dynasty simulator and allows you to manage your dynasty and switch to the dark side of the force if you want to ... Here you have the choice to become a tyrant or a noble lord according to your choice. Managing your kingdom is ubiquitous, you will always have something to do! Management of heredity is really well developed with traits and skills directly inherited from parents. You will be well advised to arrange marriages between persons of \"quality\" to get the best people possible ... Conspiracy, alliances and wars of religion are also scheduled to complete your goals. Extremely varied and with a very good playability, the game life is truly huge. The game is also more accessible than his successors.

Comments and reviews

Complicated but very entertaining. You will spend so many hours to try to dominate the entrire world.
So many countries and characters to choose fora huge variation of difficulty.
And as the time passes, more DLC comes with its new content to play with.


Complicated as hell!!!!

April 07, 2015
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news & articles

We played Crusader Kings 2 in real life and it got weird

Although we won t be able to play Crusader Kings until next year last weekend I got to try the next best thing a massive game of Crusader Kings without a single PC involved As part of the celebrations at PDXcon Paradox turned the interior of the Nalepastrasse radio station formerly the broadcast hub for communist East Germany into a vast map of Europe and gave or so players the chance to swindle excommunicate marry and assassinate their way to the top of the feudal world I was curious to see what on earth would happen if you replaced CK…

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You can grab Crusader Kings 2's Old Gods expansion for free

Having permanently removed Crusader Kings II s price tag last week making it free for keepsies Paradox are giving an expansion away free to people who sign up for an account The Old Gods is the giveaway the expansion focused on marauding Vikings pagans and Zoroastrians Turns out I already have a Paradox account from something or other so sure gwan wang me a Steam key I ll show Wessex what s what more…

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Free game: Crusader Kings 2 on Steam, right now

Paradox Interactive is giving away its grand strategy hit Continue reading…

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Crusader Kings 2 is free now

To start their annual fanfest PDXCON off with a bang or at least an Ooh Paradox are now offering Crusader Kings for free It seems to be free forever If you ve not yet tried to form your own medieval dynasty and found yourself undone by intrigue backstabbing and your own damn foolishness you re missing out Expansions are not included in the giveaway unsurprisingly though they are all half-price in a sale at the moment more…

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Help, I can't stop playing Crusader Kings 2 on holiday

One of the games I return to regularly is Crusader Kings and usually what pokes me back into its torrid embrace is a trip abroad I ll go to a place I ve not really thought about much then get well into its history and because my curiosity writes cheques my attention span can t cash I ll fail to read up on it at all What I will do however is open palm slam good ol CK into the VHS slot on my computer and play the shit out of whatever bit of history I m intellectually horny for…

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Crusader Kings 2 expansion Holy Fury is out now

It feels only right that the biggest expansion for historical simulator Crusader Kings adds the option to simulate alternate worlds s histories too Released today Holy Fury was initially billed as an expansion to the religious systems of the game While that is part of the package even Paradox s own focus has shifted to the expansion s potential to generate endless earths While the geography may look similar the empires cultures religions and borders are all new Plus sometimes the planet may be full of talking animals The launch trailer readies to march below more…

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