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In Crusader Kings II you play a noble Christian who tries to find his place in the heart of Europe during the war to liberate the Holy Land. Perfect for lovers of the medieval period, this game is a dynasty simulator and allows you to manage your dynasty and switch to the dark side of the force if you want to ... Here you have the choice to become a tyrant or a noble lord according to your choice. Managing your kingdom is ubiquitous, you will always have something to do! Management of heredity is really well developed with traits and skills directly inherited from parents. You will be well advised to arrange marriages between persons of \"quality\" to get the best people possible ... Conspiracy, alliances and wars of religion are also scheduled to complete your goals. Extremely varied and with a very good playability, the game life is truly huge. The game is also more accessible than his successors.

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Complicated as hell!!!!

April 07, 2015
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Crusader Kings 2 mod that turns world into Elder Scrolls is now easier to play

One of Crusader Kings II s best mods just got a little less fiddly Elder Kings is a mod that turns the world of khans and popes into one filled with cat mayors and lizard barons It s been around since and the developers have long been tinkering with it but playing an up-to-date version involved a bunch of irritating steps not so much jumping through hoops as navigating some really annoying Oblivion gates However now playing a stable version of the mod is as easy as clicking a button on Steam workshop Good more…

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What’s next for Crusader Kings 2, EUIV and Hearts of Iron IV DLC

The Paradox DLC factory continues to diligently extend the lives of its myriad grand strategy romps with all but Stellaris getting new DLC announcements at PDXCON last month We re getting restless pagan warriors war elephants and even some sharks If you can match the feature to the game you get a polite nod of respect Rather than tiring you out making you click on three articles like a thoughtless task master I ve gathered all the sizzling deets in one place Rest those fingers and direct your eyes below to find out what s changing in Hearts of Iron…

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Crusader Kings 2 is free on Steam

Free means free it s not a trial period Continue reading…

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The Humble Paradox Bundle will net you Stellaris, Crusader Kings 2, Pillars of Eternity and more

What s your favourite paradox My current one is how can the many awesome games in The Humble Paradox Bundle cost so little money Wait that s not a paradox it s just a really good deal Looks like I need to finish this news post then head back to paradox school Fortunately I won t need to enrol to enjoy the games on offer here This bundle has in total with highlights including Obsidian s RPG Pillars of Eternity and the surprisingly funny wizard brawler Magicka This is Paradox though so best of all is the selection of sprawling…

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Crusader Kings 2 player records 700-year NPC game to find who gets “most kills” and “most children”

Royal incompetence simulator Crusader Kings is one of the best games ever Over hundreds of years sultans and kings create new empires and murder their families Today a data science man gets in touch to say he recorded a -year game in observation mode pulled out all the data like a big reel of cassette tape shoved it through some kind of magical process I won t pretend to understand and came up with statistics on several rulers This also resulted in detailed networks of kills and marriages The important thing is this lets us see who had the most…

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Crusader Kings 2 fights a land war in Asia next month

Crusader Kings is a strange thing At first glance it s a wildly complex grand strategy game in the vein of Europa Universalis but dig a little deeper and you ll find something not far divorced from The Sims an ant-farm sandbox driven not by goals or win-states but the personal dramas of a cast of thousands As with The Sims Crusader Kings just keeps on growing constantly reinvigorated by expansions adding new layers of complexity to the simulation The latest of these Jade Dragon offers you the chance to puppeteer your way through seven hundred years of Chinese political…

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