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Description & requirements

Crawl is a multiplayer dungeon game, where our friends control the monsters that inhabit it. An RPG in true Diablo style in which we can play together with up to 4 other players and compete for the rewards of the dungeon. In Crawl, one player is the hero and should explore randomly generated dungeons, filled with traps and monsters, and all controlled by other players. At the moment our hero dies, the one who has annihilated, will replace it and will be your turn to explore the dungeon and discover its treasures. At the end of the road, we find huge bosses, also controlled by all our friends.

Comments and reviews

One of those games which do not look like much but are in reality: Gem!

A game in 2D where 4 people (from 1 human and 3 bots, to 4 humans) are exploring a dungeon. But here is the trick, only one of them is alive and the 3 others are ghosts of previous dead adventurers.

The one person alive go from room to room, escaping traps but also fighting against monsters. The dead people can control traps, invocate different level monsters or summon little slime in hope to defeat the person alive.

The monster who deal the last damage to the human is reborn! Thus, the previous alives become unalive and the unalive becomes alive! He can now roam the dungeon, go to the shop and maybe die to respawn another time.

The aim of the game is to kill the main boss by teleporting. It sure can be tough.

This game is local only, so I hope you have multiple controllers and a giant tv ;)

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