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This product is the PS4 version of Conan Exiles, a game of action, construction and survival, in the purest RUST or ARK style, but completely set in the Conan universe. 

We will live a unique experience in which the survival genre is intertwined with the vast and rich universe of Conan the Barbarian. We must survive everything, and fight not only against other players and all kinds of enemies and hostile animals, we must also fight against the weather. Therefore, the first thing we must take into account in this adventure is the construction, as well as to make up for the basic deficiencies such as hunger and thirst. 

Gathering resources, such as foraging for food, hunting animals, cutting down trees, extracting minerals and collecting resources for weapons or tools will be one of the key pieces of this game. In addition, with all the resources we collect, we will have to build ourselves a refuge, which we will be able to evolve into a real fortress with defensive systems against any kind of invasion.

In addition to the constructive and survivable nature of the game, we will have the opportunity to engage in combat in a first or third person view mode, making use of all types of weaponry and armor. The world through which we can move in a huge and limitless world, full of all kinds of monsters, civilizations and treasures. And all with the latest generation graphics that will allow us to live a unique experience in the world of Conan.

Comments and reviews

Great game .Bestvmultiplayer game out there and lots of exploring .it has everything a survival game must have.i would recommend it to anyone especially if someone has friends to play with .Si much fun

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