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Description & requirements

The mythical character of Mario universe, Toad, embarks on his first solo adventure across a vast world full of dangers, mazes and secrets. Only equipped with a scarf, a backpack and a large lamp in the head, he will face many dangers through a lot of areas and levels. The GamePad of WiiU offers a closer view of the dangers and the hidden objects in each maze, and gyroscopic controls can also be used to look around. Each stage has its own dangers and puzzles to solve, and full of hidden items with hard access. A new adventure of this iconic character from the Mario universe, with which we can enjoy a new 3D platform game with all the power and playability of the Nintendo console, WiiU.

Comments and reviews

Great game. Has a lot of puzzle like levels and items you can find in each of them. The addition of the pick axe is also good and finding the stars is needed to complete game at 100%.Recommend to any Mario fan.


excellent game. has various levels and extras you can find in each of them to complete it 100%. the storyline is also great. I also like the fact that you can play as toadette apart from toad. recommend to anyone who loves puzzle type games and is a mario fan.

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In Super Mario D World s Adventures of Captain Toad challenges impressed Shigeru Miyamoto so much that he requested a full game be made out of them Captain Toad Treasure Tracker was released for Wii U a year later comprising intricate levels based on the Japanese tradition of hakoniwa or miniature gardening Here s what we thought at the time Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is one of the smartest most charming puzzle games of I d also call it one of the best platformers of the year except these characters can t jump It speaks volumes about Treasure Tracker s…

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