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Call to Arms
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Description & requirements

You can buy Call to Arms cd key for PC in digital download version at the best price from our selection of the best online gaming stores! This product is a CD key or digital serial for Call to Arms wich you will must activated through the Steam games platform. After buying Call to Arms cd key, you will receive by email an activation code or serial, that you need to enter into your Steam account to proceed with the download of this game. Call to Arms offers players the opportunity to experience real battles of the modern age. Early in the game we will have two different factions, with all kinds of vehicles, faithfully represented reality, with all kinds of modern weaponry and ammunition, as well as the ability to customize our equipment for making our authentic weapons of destruction. We can lead our troops from the strategically mode or fight ourselves from the mode of action in third person. We must combat in modern battle fields and use the terrain to your advantage during the fighting. A single fresh to the genre that mixes elements of real-time strategy and third-person combat, where we get behind the wheel of our vehicle, and combat and destroy our enemies directly. Please review all information of each store before making your purchase, as well as the version of the game and methods of discharging the title. In case of any doubt (about the version, download forms, ...) contact with the store for more information about the product.

Comments and reviews

Great RTS / FPS coming from the same guys who did Men Of War. Basically, it's the same game with different skin and weapons. The AI isn't that different and mods aren't that present (yet). If you hesitate between MoW 2 and this one, maybe start with MoW 2 first. Otherwise, if you are an avid fan of MoW and want a twist, it's still a great game, it incorporate better FPS phases and great vehicle damages system.


This game is the best !

January 21, 2017

As a guy who really likes RTS games, i played this one and i liked it, even thou the way the manpower works to get squads and stuff like that is kinda weird.

March 16, 2016
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