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Difmark Global Payments
Account Format 3% coupon: Gocdkeys
Enjify Global Payments
Account Format $13.76
Psnmagazine Global Payments
Account Format $14.47
Consogame Global Payments
Account Format 2% coupon: gocdkeys
Global Payments
Psnmagazine Global Payments
Account Deluxe $31.95
Global Payments
Super Deluxe Ed. $34.64
Global Payments
Deluxe Ed. $34.98
Psnmagazine Global Payments
Super Deluxe Ed. $39.99
Gaming Dragons US Payments
Gaming Dragons US Payments
Deluxe Ed. $82.04
Amazon UK
Global Payments
Deluxe Ed. $111.95
Gaming Dragons US Payments
Super Deluxe Ed. $118.52
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Description & requirements

Prices and versions of Borderlands 3 for PS4

The digital version of PS4 games is cheaper than other versions and consists of a key that is entered into the PSN account to activate the download of the game.  In this case, the key format version of Borderlands 3 for PS4 can be purchased at any of the stores listed under Gocdkeys. This version is usually cheaper than the physical version, although it may have a regional block, i.e. it can only be activated from certain localities or regions.

We also have the possibility of buying it in account format, in which instead of entering a password in PSN, we must access with some data (username and password) to an account that already contains the game. For this last format we recommend to read all the information about return restrictions and activations before buying it.

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From Gocdkeys, we update daily all the prices of the shops, to offer our users the easiest and most efficient way to find this game at the best price. But if you want to receive price alerts, for example, when this game falls below €30, you can also activate the "Price Alarm" from the button at the top of the store list.

Remember that this game has three different editions (standard, Deluxe and Super Deluxe) and that from our editions selector it is possible to order the price list depending on the version you are looking for.

Before buying Borderlands 3 for PS4, you should know that...

This is the next installment of the famous Borderlands franchise, with billions of weapons combinations and an adventure full of chaos and humour. Explore new worlds and enemies as one of the four new Hunters and with the characteristic touches of the saga, with the possibility of playing alone or in cooperative mode. With countless enemies of all kinds, from mutants to all kinds of beasts, but all have something in common, they are crazy and always keep interesting treasures.

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