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Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom
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REASONS TO BUY Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom FOR XBOX

1- Become the blacksmith at the royal court of the Kingdom of Sand.
2- Explore the world in search of materials to create your weapons and armor.
3- Sell your creations in your store or equip them to your character.

WHAT IS Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom ABOUT?

- The far away Sand Kingdom is a land surrounded by desert and dry lands, but also a place of great opportunities.

- You are Volker, son of a master blacksmith who is seeking his fortune in this kingdom, so he decides to pitch his tent in the heart of the court.

- Explore the kingdom in search of dungeons and hidden locations where you can find materials to work and create all kinds of armor and weapons. The rarer the materials, the better quality your creations will be.

- Equip your character with weapons and armor that you have created or sell them in the store for a great benefit.

- By equipping your creations to Volker you will enhance his skills and characteristics to face the enemies he meets in his adventure through the kingdom.

- Interact with the inhabitants of the kingdom and complete the missions to gain their confidence. It manages to make you a space as a prestigious blacksmith in the court of the king and it reaches the glory.

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