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Compare best prices for Battlefield 1 for PS4 and buy it in the most important online stores of Internet. There are two versions of Battlefield 1, the physical version and the digital version, in cd key or account format, so pay attention to the information in each store to see which version of Battlefield 1 you´re going to buy. You can filter stores that sell this title along with some bonus or extra by clicking the "bonus" button above the list of stores. Battlefield 1 is the new shooter from DICE, one of the most successful franchises. Battlefield 1 will be an evolutionary leap unparalleled in military action games. In this installment, the conflict in which we will locate will be during the First World War. Trenches, tanks, airplanes and all kinds of vehicles recreated to the millimeter and with great detail. We can drive a huge variety of vehicles through land, sea and air, and we will have at our disposal a huge arsenal of firearms, and even chemical weapons. It will have available a campaign for single player, in which we will travel as a soldier through this conflict, from the deserts of Africa to the Italian Alps. But where it really lies the fun will be in multiplayer mode, where we´ll confront in multitudinous battles on huge maps with up to 64 other players with all the elements of environment fully destructible. The game modes, character classes, and even the campaign will be very similar to what we saw in previous installments of the Battlefield franchise, a formula that always worked well and fans of multiplayer shooters can not miss. Do not forget that all the stores we have listed in gocdkeys have been tested and verified by our team, so they are totally reliable (you can read reviews and ratings shops in the + info button find next to each).

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Wonderfull game. But no money no Battlefield 1. I hope so.

November 14, 2016
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news & articles

Battlefield 1 goes cheap as chips and its DLC Premium Pass is free to keep this week

Battlefield s open beta is over but the battle for objective points is eternal As promised last week EA have made the DLC Premium Pass for Battlefield free for the next week You ll need the game itself to use it but it expands the questionably historical World War FPS from multiplayer maps to featuring new classes vehicles and weaponry Not a bad giveaway Even if you don t own Battlefield you can still add the Premium Pass to your Origin account now You can grab it here and the game itself is off on Origin too more…

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Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Free For Limited Time

EA has announced it is making the Premium Pass for Battlefield available for free for a limited time From September to September Battlefield players will be able to get the premium pass at no cost giving them access to all the additional content released after the game's initial launch The Battlefield premium pass includes a total of four expansions They Shall Not Pass In the Name of the Tsar Turning Tides and Apocalypse all of which encompass new multiplayer maps Operations and Elite classes among other things Battlefield Premium Pass is a great way for Battlefield base game owners to…

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Battlefield 1’s Premium Pass will be free for a week after Battlefield 5’s open beta

Any battlefield is as good as another once you ve got the taste for blood Sound reasoning for a generous giveaway next week at least Despite the full game s delay Battlefield s open beta is still scheduled for Thursday September th with early access for some tomorrow on the th to run until September th Rather than just leave players desperate for more soldiers to shoot post-beta EA will be giving away Battlefield s Premium Pass which includes all expansions plus a few perks free for a week until September th Grab it during the giveaway keep it forever…

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It's A "Shame" Battlefield 1 Didn't Initially Include Women, BF5 Dev Says

DICE has received backlash since the announcement that women would be included in Battlefield There are many who accuse the developer of pursuing an agenda bending historical accuracy to jump on the bandwagon of gender and racial inclusivity DICE executive producer Aleksander Grondal disagrees even saying he wishes his team had initially included women in 's Battlefield I mean if we were getting on the bandwagon I created Battlefield and we could've 'jumped on the bandwagon' that time around Grondal told GamesRadar DICE did eventually add female Russian soldiers to Battlefield in the In The Name of the Tsar DLC…

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Battlefield V Developer says It's 'a Shame' DICE Didn't Include Women in Battlefield 1

Aleksander Gr ndal executive producer at DICE has gone on record stating he wishes the team had added female characters to Battlefield instead of waiting until Battlefield V to do so Speaking with GamesRadar Gr ndal asserted that players being able to express themselves through characters in gameplay is essential which includes being able to play as women I mean if we were getting on the bandwagon I created Battlefield and we could've 'jumped on the bandwagon' that time around Gr ndal said I think it s a shame we didn t because that perhaps would've been better for us…

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Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 receive another supply drop of giveaway DLC

Ever since EA announced that season passes were on the way out they ve been showering the still very active Battlefield amp Battlefield communities with giveaways of premium-priced DLC for those who haven t taken the plunge yet Accompanying Battlefield s Summer Update mostly balance tweaks and quality-of-life improvements according to the patch notes comes a triple giveaway BF players can pick up the game s final expansion Apocalypse free while BF players can snag the Naval Strike and China Rising DLC all until August th more…

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trailers & gameplays

Battlefield 1: Messy 130 Game with the NEW M1919 SMG (PS4 Pro Multiplayer Gameplay)

Battlefield 1: 130 Game on Argonne - Livestream Highlight (PS4 PRO Multiplayer Gameplay)

Battlefield 1: 27 Killstreak - Martini-Henry Sniping (PS4 PRO Multiplayer Gameplay)

Battlefield 1: 109 Kills on Ops - PS4 PRO Multiplayer Gameplay