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Description & requirements

The 27" ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q monitor achieves 2560x1440 IPS GSync resolutions at 165Hz frequency. It is a wide-screen LED display for gaming.

The Asus PG279Q Gaming display has a maximum supported resolution of 2560x1440, also known as WQHD resolution. For most gamers, this particular resolution is preferred because of the speed of GPUs available today. They are powerful enough (at least one of them) to play games in 4K. The update rate means much more than resolution for most players, so it's no problem. In addition, this monitor is capable of reaching a maximum refresh rate of 165Hz when GSYNC is enabled, although only supported on GTX 960 and higher. The response time is 4ms, which is more than enough for any game.

Important: The 165Hz GSYNC mode is ONLY compatible with GTX 960 and higher, the GTX 700 Series only supports up to 120Hz! 3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX660Ti BOOST GPUs or higher are required in the 3-way SLI configuration, or GPUs with DP 3x connectors for surround sound mode. Driver version 355.60 is now available for all GSYNC-compatible graphics cards. If you are using GTX 9 graphics cards, you can download 355.60 or the latest version from the NVIDIA website, as NVIDIA GSYNC technology only works with NVIDIA graphics cards. Other GPUs are NOT compatible with this technology.

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