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Amazon DE Apple iMac 21 4k Retina i5 / 256GB / Intel GPU Global Global Payments
i5 / 256GB / Intel GPU $942.99
Amazon UK Apple iMac 21 4k Retina i5 / 256GB / Intel GPU Global Global Payments
i5 / 256GB / Intel GPU $1,267.83
Amazon DE Apple iMac 21 4k Retina i5 / 256GB / 5300XT Global Global Payments
i5 / 256GB / 5300XT $1,644.89
Amazon ES Apple iMac 21 4k Retina i5 / 1TB / 560X Global Global Payments
i5 / 1TB / 560X $1,817.93
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The 2020 Apple iMac 21" 4K Retina is the latest in Apple's PC. It does not go unnoticed even for the most demanding professionals, thanks to its high quality and reliability, in addition to its impressive 4K display.

That is why from Gocdkeys we have decided to group you all the Apple iMac 21-inch 4K Retina on the market, grouping the prices of all the stores that have available the different versions of this incredible all-in-one from Apple. So if you are looking for the best possible price to get this Apple model you are in the right place.

What will you find in the Apple iMac 21" 4K Retina price list?

From Gocdkeys we show you a comparison with the best prices and offers for the Apple iMac 21 4K Retina available on the Internet. This Apple PC has a multitude of variants, whether its RAM, its SSD hard drive, its graphics, among many other features. That is why next to the price of each store, we will try to indicate some of the most important features available in each of the stores.

As it is impossible for us to put all the information of each of the Apple iMac 21-inch models, we will only indicate the processor, the SSD memory and the graphics. However, if you want to know more about the specifications, we recommend you to check this information in the stores. 

How to find the cheapest Apple iMac 21" 4K Retina version on the market?

This is where our price comparator comes in! From Gocdkeys we list all the online stores that sell some version of this Apple PC. We have a multitude of stores from many countries, so the price list will always have offers and our search engine is always up to date.

Simply use our filters at the top of the price and store listings to select the model or specifications of the 21-inch iMac that best suits your tastes.

If the lowest price seems expensive, don't worry! Activate our price alarm for the Apple iMac 21 4K Retina and you will receive any notification to your email about price variations.

What technical specifications can this Apple PC have?

There are many different configurations that can be adapted to this PC. It can carry 3 types of processors: Intel Core i5 dual-core at 2.3 GHz (with Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz); Intel Core i3 8th generation with four cores at 3.6 GHz; or Intel Core i5 8th generation with six cores at 3 GHz (with turbo boost up to 4.6HGz). Its basic RAM memory is 8 GB DDR4 at 2,133MHz, 2,400MHz or 2,666 MHz (depending on the model), but it is possible to expand it up to 32 GB.

Its SSD hard disk can reach up to 1 TB capacity, although the most basic model usually comes with only 256GB.

The graphics card can also vary, they can come with a Radeon Pro 555X with 2 GB or Radeon Pro 560X with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory. The most basic model may also include an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640.

The rest of the features are usually common, although we always recommend reading carefully each of the technical specifications before buying it. From Gocdkeys we are not responsible for any possible failure in the features, as they are always indicative, and stores can change them without notice. ALWAYS CHECK all the information in each store before buying it.