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Attention: This product is an Anthem cd key for Origin, EA's new action RPG. There are numerous versions and editions of this title, so we recommend that you carefully read all the information in each of the stores to know which version you are going to buy.

Anthem is EA's new bet for next year. A kind of RPG between Mass Effect and Warframe, but with a certain multiplayer character, in which our character will be equipped with a powerful suit or exoskeleton, capable of flying and carrying all kinds of weapons, as well as deploying devastating skills.

The game has been designed to enjoy cooperative multiplayer games and explore the vast worlds by creating our own adventure. The first thing we have to do is to select one of the available halberds, which are a kind of combat Mechs. Each of these halberds has a specific role and role within the combat group. We'll have to delve into a captivating story and enjoy all the action, with RPG touches, which is capable of offering this title, all accompanied by incredible visual effects.

One of the points EA wanted to emphasize is that we'll be able to customize and adapt our halberds to our own style of play. A vast arsenal of powerful weapons and devastating powers that will help us meet all the challenges we will encounter in the beautiful but dangerous worlds. As we move forward, we will gain experience that will translate into improvements in our abilities as halberd pilots, which will increase our combat capabilities.

Comments and reviews

Wow, it's almost here. The review on the gameplay, beautiful and breath taking scenery, and gonna be compliment with rtx function and also dynamic and stylish gameplay


I really hope the game will be good cuz of EA. But i like the concepts and the world. The idea of flying around in the suits(called javalins) are really cool. there will be loads of customization options. The graphical demand seems really high but i don't know if those are the defenitive specs. let's hope for the best!

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