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What do we know about Windows 12?


What changes will Windows 12 include?

Exciting news is coming!

The new Microsoft operating system, called "Windows 12", has finally been announced, although it's not certain if it will end up being called that. Everyone wonders whether this new operating system will be worth it or not. There isn't complete knowledge of everything it will include, but some details are already known that can shed light on it for the most impatient.

Among the possible innovations of Windows 12, we can anticipate that it has been developed from scratch in most of its aspects, retaining only the most basic elements. The interface will be completely new and will feature a floating taskbar system and a different arrangement of system icons.

An improvement in drivers for Android devices is also expected, which will favor greater compatibility. It will also include the addition of new applications such as a podcast recording system or live streaming tools.

The partition system will also favor greater performance fluidity, as different processes will be divided into different compartments. Additionally, this will help increase the internal security of your PC.

In summary, Windows 12 is coming to offer a significant change for the user, which, while not radical, will be noticeable at the user interface level. This may bring controversy for less experienced PC users but draws inspiration from very popular elements of other operating systems like iOS.

When can we buy Windows 12?

There is still no official release date!

Although little is known about the exact date chosen for the release, there were rumors that this release would arrive in late 2024. However, Microsoft has assured that this release will not come in the short term, so we will probably have to wait one or two more years to see it.

It has been mentioned that the update to this new operating system will not be mandatory, but considering that Windows 10 support ends in 2025, it is likely that many will be tempted to update their system to continue receiving new updates.

At what price can I buy Windows 12?

There is still no official price, but we have several tips!

Although the prices of the new version of Windows are still unknown, we know that the price of Windows licenses can exceed €100 in most cases. However, you can get a Windows Key for a much cheaper price. The only drawback of this Key is that they are single-use keys, so it won't be yours to use again on another computer.

However, the price is much lower than you might expect. If we look at the offers available for the current version of Windows 11, we can find it for less than €2 in stores like Wincdkey or Difmark, with a reputation of more than 4 out of 5 stars on websites like Trustpilot.

Our recommendation is to wait until the release and look for the best offer when the Windows 12 Key appears. Then you just have to go to the Microsoft website to redeem it and download your new operating system.


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