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Playstation Plus for everyone and super cheap!


What is PS Plus and what does it offer?

Playstation Plus is one of those services that if you take advantage of it well can give you many benefits when playing. It is the service of Playstation par excellence, which will allow you to get all kinds of games and offers for your PS console, services and exclusive benefits to members, with the first registration we will receive access to 10 free games and much more. But most importantly, it offers you the possibility to play online against other players or with your friends.

If you are interested in PS Plus multiplayer games, it's indispensable!

Types of Playstation Plus cards 

Currently, we have two types of these PS prepaid cards on the market: The 3-month card and the 12-month card.

The physical version of these cards does not make much sense, as they will send you a physical card that includes a code, and that means waiting a few days until you get home. so for PS Plus subscription cards we always recommend buying them in digital version.

The digital version, you will simply receive in your email a code that you must enter in your Playstation account to activate. Later we will explain how to activate it in a simple way.

Best prices and offers for the PS Plus subscription service

From Gocdkeys always offer the best prices of the moment, updated daily, so you will be very easy to find these super cheap subscription cards.

Currently, the PS Plus Card of 3 months has an approximate price of 17.36€ in digital version

The 12-month PS Plus card costs 42.99€


Both cards have a much lower price than in the official Playstation store, so we recommend that you don't even think about buying them.

And once purchased, how do we redeem the PS Plus code?

It is very simple and the activation of the code is instantaneous once we introduce it. Simply go to the Playstation store, access our account, and in the menu on the left, at the bottom, we'll see a section that says "Redeem codes" That's where we must enter the 12-digit key and that's it.

How much subscription time do I have left?

To see how much time we still have left to subscribe to the PS Plus service, simply go to the Playstation website and access your account. You will then be able to see how much time you have left.

If you want to see it from your PS4 console, simply go to "Settings", "Account Management", "Account Information" and "Account Information" There you can see when the subscription expires.

Remember that this service is cumulative, ie we can buy all the cards that we want the time will add. for example, if we buy two 12-month cards, we will have 2 years of subscription service.

Please note: When you enter a code, Sony's bad guys will activate automatic renewal for you, so if you run out of time Sony will charge you again for the service, so you need to be aware of or deactivate this "Automatic Renewal" right after you redeem your PS Plus code.

That's it. Now you just have to remember to enter our price comparator each time your PS Plus subscription expires to find the best prices for these indispensable Playstation cards.


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