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Is Tomb Raider I-III Remastered worth buying?


What should you know before buying Tomb Raider I-III Remastered?

The legendary adventurer is back!

Among dozens of Remasters announced every day, this one is particularly exciting for me because of all the nostalgic weight it carries, as it is one of the most thrilling sagas I had the pleasure of playing when I was still a child. But nostalgia can sometimes betray us, as we are talking about a very pioneering game from the 3D era of the 90s. That's why we are giving you the keys to this video game so you can evaluate whether it's worth buying.

First of all, it's worth mentioning that this collection includes the first three installments along with their respective DLCs: Tomb Raider I + Unfinished Business, Tomb Raider II + Golden Mask, and Tomb Raider III + The Lost Artifact. Both the base game and the DLC have undergone comprehensive improvement and do not require any additional payment, something that is appreciated given the tendency to fragment content carried out by some studios.

The remaster shows great respect for the original saga. The graphics have been optimized in HD, and the controls have been improved to adapt to the current standard of quality. However, if you want to experience it in the purest form, you can choose to play with the original graphics and controls, just like you could enjoy in the 90s.

In my opinion, if you're looking for a spectacular gaming experience like Uncharted, perhaps this game is not what you're looking for. Despite the improvement, the game still features mechanics and gameplay very typical of classic games, so it offers a very different experience that appeals to the same sense of nostalgia.

In summary, as a "remaster," it meets all the requirements. It offers exactly what Tomb Raider fans are looking for and provides an entry point for the curious who want to enjoy Lara Croft's adventures without going through the inconveniences of playing the original releases. A retro experience that is worth buying when it officially launches on all platforms on the 14th.


How can you buy Tomb Raider I-III Remastered cheaper?

If you play on PC, the prices are much lower!

If you want to enjoy Lara's adventures, the best option to acquire this game is in digital format, as the prices are much more economical. Our recommendation is to wait a bit before buying it because currently the cheapest offer is the Steam Key from Gaming Dragons for a price of €18.24. This implies a saving of about €10 compared to the official price (€28.99 on Steam). However, we know that after a few weeks following the release, the price could drop even more, as offers constantly change.


Is it advisable to buy the Steam Key for Tomb Raider I-III Remastered?

It's the best format for buying digital games!

A Steam Key is a digital code made up of numbers and letters that is redeemed directly on the Steam video game platform. This method is very popular for its simplicity when activating it, but also for its lower prices. There are a large number of stores that sell Steam keys, so there are many offers. That's why we recommend it so you can enjoy this new edition of the Tomb Raider saga.


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