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Guild Wars 2 Gems Cards


Gems and money for Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is one of those games, MMO in particular, in which it is always good to have a little extra help, either to get hold of a weapon, aids, power-ups, dyes, ..... There are many objects that we can obtain and above all, there are many items that we would like to have and we can not for lack of funds.

GW2 has a Gems shop, which is an ingame coin to be used in the internal shop of the game and has a huge catalog of useful objects, whether karma boosters, experience, Skins for our heroes, among many other objects. Well, like most MMOs on the market, we have an extra help, and it is the possibility to buy Guild Wars 2 Money Cards, or also known as Gems for GW2.

With these Gems Cards, we will be able to add a certain number of Gems to our balance to be able to make ourselves with so desired objects and aids.

Buying Gems for Guild Wars 2

Although it is possible to exchange game money for Gems, the truth is that the conversion rate is very high, and we must have infinite funds to have a decent amount of Gems and be able to use them in the store.

Another option are the well-known Gems Cards, either 2000 or 1200, and there are many stores that offer these prepaid cards and from Gocdkeys we have the perfect option for anyone who wants to add these valuable currencies in their account.


There are currently two types of Gems cards:

The 2000 Gems cards, which have a price of approximately 16€, and the 1200 Gems cards, with a very similar price, so we always recommend buying the 2000 Gems card.

How do we activate GW2 Gems cards?

  1. The first thing you have to do is log into Guild Wars 2 with the account in which you want to unlock the gems.
  2. Then, we'll have to open the Black Lion Trading Company panel. The default key is [O]. You can also click on the lion icon at the top left of the screen.
  3. Select the "Redeem code" button at the top left of the store's home page and follow the brief, simple instructions that will appear.

Once this is done, we will have the Gems in our account to spend on what we want.


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