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Whenever we evaluate stores to introduce into our system we take into account a number of factors:

Reputation and Reliability: The store’s reputation in the market is essential for us. We analyze user feedback, ratings on review platforms, and check if there have been significant issues in the past. The trust that the store inspires in users is a crucial indicator to be included in Gocdkeys.

Product Variety and Formats: A good store should offer a wide variety of products, from the latest releases to older titles, and also have competitive prices compared to other stores.

Customer Service and Problem Resolution: The effectiveness of customer service and the ability to solve problems are key aspects for us. Evaluating the speed and efficiency with which the store responds to inquiries or issues from users and a responsive and proactive support contributes significantly to the user experience and strengthens trust in the platform.

Well, these three previous points are the pillars on which we work, and if there is a store that embodies all of them that is IntantGaming. We are facing what is probably one of the best stores right now for selling game keys for all platforms and we don’t say it, the hundreds of thousands of users who use the Instatgaming offers through Gocdkeys say it.

Even so, we are human, and both we and the most reliable store can make mistakes. So you have to ask yourself the usual question: Is InstantGaming reliable?


Is the InstantGaming store reliable?

After working with them for 10 years, we can say with our heads held high that we have not received a single complaint about the store or problem related to any key they have sold. It should be noted that if there is something that also stands out Instantgaming for its customer support system, really fast and effective when solving problems. So the game stores that have such an effective system, rarely get few complaints to us.

But if there is one strong point of InstatGaming it is the purchase process and delivery of keys, super fast in every way.

And at this point many of you will think: Sure they have paid them to speak so well of InstantGaming? And the answer is that Not entirely. Well, as official partners of InstantGaming we obviously receive compensation for their promotion, like all their collaborators, but we have not received anything for writing this article and even if we had received it Everything is the pure truth!


We don’t say it, but all the comments on our Instantgaming rating page where you will find all the opinions of our users.

So, answering the question, YES, Instangaming is totally reliable, and you can be calm when buying your games there, as you will not have any problem in 99% of the cases. And in case you had one, their customer support will seem wonderful to you.

We do not claim that Instangaming is perfect, since no one is, but without a doubt we are facing the TOP of the game key and Key sales stores.


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