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Dawn of Andromeda
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Watch Dawn of Andromeda trailer

Watch Dawn of Andromeda trailer

Dawn of Andromeda is a space strategy game, known as 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate) where we will must make our stellar civilization. All the action takes place in real time, except for the decision making in which we will can pause the game, which will offer us important moments to think about our strategy to follow as emperors of our growing empire. Among our tasks will be to colonize new worlds by military conquest, to maintain commercial relations with other species, to investigate new weapons technologies that allow us to create more powerful fleets and even to recruit immense armies capable of exterminating entire civilizations. The factions existing in this new universe are many, in addition to the independent factions, merchants, clans, ... and many more groups, each with a specific purpose, which helps create a rich and varied universe. But our path to imperial glory will not be easy, we will encounter numerous challenges and dangers such as black holes, ancient creatures, and unexplored planets full of secrets that could lead us to an endless war. The decision is only yours, since you are the emperor of your own civilization. Do not forget that this title is still in Early Access, so it may contain errors or bugs that will be solved with the passage of time through updates.

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