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Watch Dogs DedSec Edition
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Watch Watch Dogs DedSec Edition trailer

Watch Watch Dogs DedSec Edition trailer

In Watch Dogs we can do anything with the swipe of a finger. We are Aiden Pearce , a brilliant computer hacker with knowledge on the use of mobile technologies unparalleled , and with just a wave of your finger we can access from surveillance cameras in the city, control the traffic lights , to raise and lower bridges, all from your smartphone . We will have full control virtually all elements connected to the network, thus being able to access a wealth of information that will help us fulfill our missions. In addition to the original game Watch Dogs, this edition also contains: A single figure of vigilante hero Aiden Pearce, a metal Steelbook case , an art book , a map of Chicago, the official soundtrack of the game , 4 cards augmented reality : Check the most important characters of Watch Dogs by augmented reality, 3 Boards with Dogs Watch emblems collectibles and access to nearly 60 minutes of additional real game , thanks to the 3 -player missions plus rewards when you complete these missions.

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