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Return of dictatorship simulator on a tropical island of Tropico series. In this new release we will get the role of President of our island paradise, but this time we will be allowed to govern from the nineteenth century to the present century, and every century have its own characteristics, own challenges and developing technologies. And despite the new experience in interface, graphics and overall gameplay, the most notable is its incredible multiplayer mode, where you can compete against neighboring islands governed by other players. A new experience that leads to this great franchise to another level.

trailers & gameplays

Tropico 5 - Ep.01 : El Presidente!

Tropico 5: Gameplay Sandbox Part 1 ►Best Starting Strategies - Colonial Era◀ Tutorial/Tips Tropico 5

The Colon Dynasty (Tropico 5 Gameplay | Part 1)

Tropico 5 Walkthrough Part 1 - New Campaign

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