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It's a good game , funny and stealth , who need more?

froskvs July 01, 2015

I hope the controls don't ruin the fun ! Also i believe that the story is just a "shadow" :) No story no..rpg..

holla October 08, 2014

This is one of the best action games ever, crushing hordes of orcs all day long and advancing through the story, highly recommended.

Quikzen October 03, 2014
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Description & requirements

Middle-earth : Shadows of Mordor is a title of third-person action set in the universe of Lord of the Rings , but tells a parallel story happens during Tolkien´s movies. The argument of this new title , reminiscent of Assassins Creed franchise for the gameplay concept, begins at night when Sauron returned to Mordor , where his Black Captains brutally executed Explorers Black Gate. We will assume the role of Talion , a brave explorer whose family, and himself, are killed the same night. After death, back to life by the spirit of revenge that will help us destroy our enemies and consummate our revenge. All our adventure takes place in the dark Mordor, and it will be a huge and vibrant world game where we go killing countless orcs to reach our goal. It has a system of enemies called Nemesis system , thanks to which , relations with the enemies and their characteristics will be shaped by our actions and decisions , which will create archenemies who remember and adapt our style of play , which greatly increases the replayability of the title. Sword-fighting, awesome combos and incredible magic, it will be just some of the strengths of this action title .

trailers & gameplays

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