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The Homefront series returns with a new title , and developed by Crytek, but more focused on a sandbox shooter in which guerrilla warfare and infiltration will be our main weapons . Four years ago , when the United States suffered the biggest attack of its history and marked the end of its independence as a nation , the people now live in ghettos and slums forced to live poorly . The armies of drones for surveillance and patrols crush any symptoms of rebellion to keep the population at bay . Freedom is a distant dream. However, in arid ruins of the red zone, in the bombed streets and in abandoned yards , a movement began to emerge in order to regain the country : the Resistance. This is a group of warriors decided to fight for their freedom. In this new title , the game world will be totally open and we always fight directly from the underground against a superior army , so we must become familiar with the art of guerrilla warfare based ambushes, sabotage, infiltration and deception.

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Homefront The Revolution Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - WE ARE THE RESISTANCE

Homefront The Revolution Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Story Campaign Let's Play Review PS4 Xbox One

HOMEFRONT: The Revolution Free Roam Gameplay

13 Minutes of Homefront: The Revolution Gameplay

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