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Description & requirements

Here we have the TOP of the graphics, the powerful GTX 1080 capable of running any game in Ultra without messing. This Asus model come with the amazing amount of 11GB GDDR5, a real card madness, as its price.

If you are looking for the maximum, the Top of the video cards, the most powerful, the ability to play everything that goes to market in Ultra and without losing the 60 FPS, without a doubt this graphic will come to you like a go.

Despite what it may seem, besides its power is accompanied by a unique cooling system, which make it quite silent and what they manage to keep the graphics at a temperature more than adequate, yes, provided we do not decide to overclock it, although Also withstand the temperature quite well.

Following the latest benchmarks it has been shown that this graph is much more powerful than two 980Ti in SLi, a real beast of graphic processing. The speed of the core is 11010 MHz, the most powerful that has been seen so far in the market. Of course, it does not fit on all computers because of its huge size with its three fans.

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