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Watch Bound by Flame trailer

The organization of the Free Swords, wich our hero is a member, is a dreaded group of mercenaries. In one of our last works for some clients of the organization, a hateful undeaddisturb the ritual and something unexpected and horrible occurs, our hero just literally possessed by a demon of fire. But this does not end here , then we began to notice how the power of the devil is within us, but such power, in case you decide to use it , has a very high cost that will consume our own humanity . Bound by Flame is an RPG set in a fantasy world, where you control a character who has been possessed by a demon of fire. Because possession afflicting our hero, we choose from the demonic power that runs through our veins and our own humanity. If we choose the hard way , you must reject the infernal influence and develop the true skills of a hero, but human nature after all . As you face your enemies and terrifying dangers will be a growing temptation to give the devil within us in exchange for more power ... and when you do it our heroe will change forever.

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